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  • COMMITTED to Sustainability

CLASSIC PORTFOLIO is the leading collection of eco-sensitive camps, private game reserves, luxury hotels, secluded beach retreats and renowned wine estates in Southern and East Africa.  

Each experience offers unique accommodation in exclusive destinations. All are privately owned, often owner-managed, and each has their own special personality and style, but what really sets each of these impressive destinations apart is a strong commitment to sustainability. Each destination offers the conscientious traveller an opportunity to enjoy some of Africa’s most incredible landscapes and environments in the knowledge that their stay is also supporting the local communities and protects the area’s ecological heritage.

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... Much of it will be utilising your stunning properties because a) they are stunning! b) they offer exceptional experiences and c) we like the people behind the businesses and that’s most important to us… those personal connections and relationships.
Encompass Africa, Danica Wilson, Africa Safari Specialist