Roadtrip South Africa - Part 7



#roadtripsouthafrica Part 7 (week 4) of our 3-month adventure celebrating South Africa. This update is from last week as we are now in week 5.

ROUTE: from Ant’s Nest we did a short hop across the Waterberg plateau to Marataba.

EXPERIENCE: We are very excited to be launching the new Marataba Conservation Camps. Both camps are still building sites and I was there to have a brief catch-up with the team (lots more to follow in the next few weeks as we head back to Marataba). At Marataba Conservation Camps, we are creating active participation Safari experiences and we were very fortunate that our visit coincided with conservation work.

KEY LEARNING: live darting Impala! This was a first for the girls and me. First, we took off for the most amazing heli flip around this breathtaking reserve (saw ellies, rhino, lion, buffalo, serval and loads more) before joining the ground crew, while the professionals captured from the air. We loved the pure adrenalin, getting dirty, helping out and fascinating learnings.

30 impala rams were successfully captured and were moved to another reserve.

As I have mentioned when we stayed at Kwandwe, it does not matter what is happening with tourism, conservation work has to be carried out. This costs a huge amount of now very scarce money, and while these reserves are being as practical and financially prudent as possible they are fortunate that in South Africa there is wildlife trading which generates income for private landowners with great conservation responsibilities.
We certainly do need to have tourism reopen as soon as possible and have our future travellers make more conscious decisions about HOW they travel, WHERE they travel and, most importantly, WHY they travel.

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