Azura Retreats

Benguerra Island
Quilalea Private Island
& Selous Game Reserve


Azura Benguerra
Azura Quilalea
Azura Selous

The journey starts before you have arrived. It might not be easy to get to, but that’s the point. Remote locations and pristine environments give you that off-the-edge-of-the-world feeling, yet the lodges ooze sophisticated style, and you are warmly welcomed by an amazing local team. From marine safaris to 4x4 adventures, whether you are on honeymoon or with your family, in a vast game reserve or a private island, you can do it with Azura.

Classic Factors:

  • Azura Benguerra: Sand dunes, sand banks and bright blue waters surround you on island hops and private picnics.
  • Azura Quilalea: A tiny island, populated by only you, in a string of uninhabited islands that form a marine reserve.
  • Azura Selous: One of the largest faunal reserves in the world, here your safari adventure begins.