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Please note that availability to Odzala Discovery Camps and Sangha Lodge is based on availability of seats on the scheduled charter flight between Brazzaville and Mboko airstrip on Mondays and Thursdays, as well as the scheduled charter flight between Mboko and Kabo airstrips and the boat transfer between Kabo and Sangha Lodge on Sundays and Wednesdays weekly. We have compiled 4-night, 7-night, 10-night and 11-night Discoveries that tie in perfectly with these charters.


The lodge is owned and run by Rod and Tamar Cassidy, two South Africans with a passion for birding and conservation who stumbled into owning a lodge in the heart of Africa in 2009. Rod and Tamar are assisted by an incredible team as well as volunteers that assist with pangolin research and conservation. The Cassidy's have partnered with Congo Conservation Company to develop sustainable tourism in the Congo Basin.


The high biodiversity is more than just elephants and gorillas. The Dzanga Baï teems with species ranging the from the elusive bongo to herds of 'golden' forest elephants, and red river hog. Go on an expedition with the Ba'Aka (pygmies) for a net hunt, learning about medicinal plants or drinking palm wine.


Sangha Lodge supports various conservation efforts, including amongst others: Pangolin research, wildlife rehabilitation, the reduction of the bushmeat trade and hunting, socio-economic development by providing seeds to local entrepreneurs who grow fruit and vegetables which the lodge then buys back from them for use in meals. The lodge also supports two local schools and clothes over 20 children attending these schools.