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Most amazing hotel ever - well worth the trip!
Wow. I can't say enough about Sundy Principe - from the architecture to the food to the team, everything is perfect, magical, even. The crafted cocktails are amazing, all of the meals are cooked with such care and love, it aches my heart to remember such an amazing hotel. We felt like our family was part of the family here, and indeed we were.
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From space to paradise, the South African entrepreneur, philanthropist and space traveller Mark Shuttleworth's HBD Príncipe is developing sustainable eco-tourism experiences on Príncipe Island. HBD - Here Be Dragons - is a privately-owned emerging market investment group.


Praia ... the beach. Here, birdsong fills the tropical rainforest, golden beaches are gently caressed by a warm sea and the island is brought to life through rich culture and history. Journey to Praia Sundy and be transported through time. Awaiting you is the chance to explore a vibrant diversity of unique discoveries within the Galapagos of Africa.


HBD Príncipe has a mission to preserve and enhance the ecosystem of Príncipe and the surrounding waters and islets, by contributing to the sustainable development of its infrastructure, heritage, tourism, agro-forestry and fisheries, and by stimulating the well-being, potential and creativity of its people.