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Tanda Tula is owned by the Scott, Jackson and Mathebula families. They lead an African safari evolution, embracing meaningful transformation through equity ownership, education and inclusive development. Their mission is to celebrate Africa, explore wild places, inspire change, and connect their people.


Exploring an off-the-beaten-path destination, Rishilé Camp celebrates the protection of our precious land as one of a few camps that still honour a tradition of family-owned and managed safari experiences. Tanda Tula not only offers inspiring safari experiences but also connection with other guests and the Tanda Tula family which creates long term friendships.


The Tanda Tula Education Foundation was established to benefit the staff and their families. The main focus areas are the adult literacy program and the scholarship program. The success of the adult literacy program has meant that all the Tanda Tula staff can now read and write in English, so the program has advanced to include everything from basic literacy to higher education and life skills.