Desert to Forest

NamibRand Nature Reserve & São Tomé and Príncipe

Experience the contrasts of Namibia and São Tomé & Príncipe in a 9-night journey between Wolwedans Premier Camps and Sundy Praia. Start in Windhoek and end in São Tomé.

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- disconnect from the busy-ness of life in the remote desert location of Boulders Safari Camp.
- let the landscapes and immense sense of space blow you away as you start to feel more mindful.
- immerse yourself in the history of São Tomé & Príncipe.
- explore Príncipe by land and sea, go snorkelling or scuba diving, or just sit back and soak up the sun on one of the pristine beaches.



NamibRand - if you can take the heat
Namibia's climate is generally very dry and pleasant – it's fine to visit all year round. It only receives a fraction of the rain experienced by countries further east. Some days will be humid and rain may follow, often in localised, afternoon thunderstorms. These are more common in the centre and east of the country, and more unusual in the desert. Whilst average summer temperatures in the NamibRand range between 34 and 38 degrees (Celsius) with almost zero humidity, there are those days when the mercury climbs up to 42 degrees.

Príncipe Island - turtle season
Peak turtle season, nesting takes place from November to early February and eggs hatch 45 days later. January is still considered to be the Dry Season, with maximum temperatures reaching a high of 29°C / 84°F. A wonderful time for birding as birds adopt bright breeding plumage in January and with between 21 - 29 endemic species it is certainly a bird lover’s paradise. February and March bring the long rains, but temperatures are still high.


NamibRand - cool and dry
Increasingly dry, with a real freshness in the air, and much greenery in the landscape; at this time the air is clear and largely free from dust.

Príncipe Island - a bit of both
A mix and match of seasons, April and May experience long rains and temperatures and humidity are at their highest during April. June marks the start of the dry season and is a slightly cooler period, in conjunction with July to September this is one of the best months to go hiking or trekking.


NamibRand - a photographer's delight
Namibia cools down and dries out more. Although winter days are generally very pleasant in the NamibRand, nights can be rather frosty and temperatures can fall well below zero.

Príncipe Island - best time to go
The best time to go! Temperatures are slightly cooler, skies are cloudy, and water temperatures reach a maximum. A great time to explore the island and go hiking. Humpback whales, killer whales and dolphins can be seen off the Northeast coast from August.


NamibRand - hot with potential rains
November is a highly variable month. Sometimes the hot, dry weather will continue, at other times the sky will fill with clouds and threaten to rain – but if you're lucky enough to witness the first rains of the season, you'll never forget the drama.

Príncipe Island - marine and bird lovers' season
During October and November there are short rains and the humpback whales, killer whales and dolphins can still be seen off the Northeast coast. November marks the start of the turtle nesting season and eggs hatch 45 days later. Temperatures are warm, and the sun is perfect for getting that elusive tan.


MOVE: Arrive by international flight into Windhoek, Namibia. Fly from Windhoek to Aandster Airstrip. Road transfer to Wolwedans Dune Lodge.


STAY: 1 night at Wolwedans Dune Lodge.

PLAY: Perched on top of a dune with panoramic vistas in all directions that perfectly capture the magic of the desert, Dune Lodge is the perfect place to begin your stay in this slice of wilderness.

MOVE: Road transfer to Boulders Safari Camp.

STAY: 3 nights at Boulders Safari Camp, WOLWEDANS PREMIER CAMPS.


PLAY: Let your soul be nourished by that peaceful, edge-of-the-world feeling at Boulders. Enjoy e-biking, bushmen walks, scenic and sunset drives, a desert journey, village tour, explore fairy circles on a drive or pack your own stone circle. Be energised by Solitude (signature experience) and reflect upon it all under dark skies bright with stars. Optional: add a day trip to Sossusvlei and explore the iconic dunes. 

MOVE: Charter a flight back to Windhoek and take the afternoon TAAG flight to São Tomé via Luanda. 

STAY: Overnight at Omali Lodge.

PLAY: Catch a glimpse of São Tomé island as you depart after breakfast.

MOVE: Take the morning flight from São Tomé to Príncipe island.

STAY: 5 nights at SUNDY PRAIA.

PLAY: Take a trip back in time and discover life, the history and the people of Príncipe. Discover the old ruins of the area, the historical cacao plantations, the biospheres, and get to know the locals. Explore the forest, sand, and sea. Get to know the island's culture and outstanding scenery, visit the smallest capital in the world, observe the secrets of the organic farming, experience different aromas and tastes and be indulge in traditional local meals. Witness turtle nesting and hatching between September and April and whales and dolphins can be spotted off the northeast side of the island between August and September.

DO NOT MISS: a biosphere walk through the forest to a magnificent waterfall; packing water, cold drinks and a snack and venturing off to find your own private beach for the best beach swimming you've ever had.

MOVE: Road transfer from Sundy Praia to Príncipe Airport for the 35-minute return flight to São Tomé. Spend the day at Omali Lodge or explore the wonders of the capital before departing on your international flight home.


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Wolwedans Premier Camps

The vast 220 000-hectare private NamibRand Nature Reserve, an International Dark Sky Reserve, offers a landscape of red dune belts, gravel plains, mountains and "inselbergs". It is incomparable to anything you have ever experienced. The powerful silence of this wild desolation beckons your soul. It is simply out of this world. Located only 60 kilometers from the coast, summer evenings are cooled by refreshing west winds, while winter mornings make for exceptional photography with layers of fog in the desert. Here you discover two exclusive experiences which combine to create the most immersive journey through this desert wilderness - Wolwedans Private Camp and Boulders Safari Camp...



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