21 Questions For 2021
30 November 2020


Reflecting on the past, present & future

2020 is certainly a year we will never forget and there are only 38 days left!
We have created 21 questions asking for your input on how we can build better business together in 2021 and beyond.

What's working? What's not? And what can we do better?

Your feedback is invaluable and we appreciate your time, which is why we have tried our best to keep it short.
Please note, this survey will automatically close on Monday the 30th November.

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With a new year we feel we need a new name. Your suggestions would be welcome.
I would like to offer the winning name a 2 night stay in my village Franschhoek at La Clé des Montagnes and, if our dates coincide, dinner with me!
Thank you for all your support this year. It has been a tough year and we can only hope that 2021 will be much better.


Warmest regards
Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
OWNER, Classic Portfolio

Republic of the Congo & Central African Republic

WHAT WE LOVE: The Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic, both former French colonies, are 2 of the 6 countries across which the Congo Basin expands. Second in size to the mighty Amazon, the forests of the Congo Basin contain the greatest number of mammals, primates, birds, amphibians, fish and swallowtail butterflies in Africa. More than a 1,000 species of bird can be found here. The basin is a total of 3.7 million km2 and is home to some of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet, in addition to large wetlands. Connecting two of the most iconic locations - Odzala-Kokoua and Dzanga-Sangha National Parks - within this rainforest wilderness offers the most exciting opportunity to discover a part of Africa in a truly pioneering way, while making a significant contribution to the long-term conservation and community sustainability of this region. This is no longer the 'Heart of Darkness'. This is Africa unmasked, beautiful and powerful. This is the most exciting destination to be opening to tourism. This is CONGO CONSERVATION COMPANY waiting for you to discover the most remarkable and unspoilt natural wonders of the continent.


La Clé des Montagnes

The essence of La Clé des Montagnes lies not only within the exceptional attention to detail, exquisite finishes, and superb location but also in the breadth of experience. With a team of chefs, the cuisine is dynamic and fresh, from local-style 'braais' to laden breakfast tables, personalised picnics, private dining and select Shared Table evenings.

The key is our signature and we invite each of our guests to unlock the secrets to living like a local in the beautiful Cape Winelands. Soak up the valley, visit the art galleries, shop at the market, sample the local wines and discover a sense of tranquility, space, taste, and style with the lifestyle of Franschhoek.