6 Trips to 6 Countries - Follow it on Instagram

20 October 2016

SUSTAINABLE AFRICA MEGA FAM 2016: As our whole sales team is out and about on one of our biggest projects of the year, I have found myself in the deep end of social media and I have to say it is quite fun! We have just launched a new Instagram account. Follow it to see:

19 Sustainable Companies
34 Authentic Experiences
42 Adventurous Travel Partners
6 trips to 6 countries
(each with their own videographer)
culminating in a Mega Workshop!

SUSTAINABLE AFRICA: @sustainable_africa
SUZANNE: @privateafrica | KATIE: @katiedh1 | CARA: @carapj | LARA: @laradendyyoung

4 of the 6 trips kicked off today!

We can't wait to update you on all the latest, exciting things happening in the Portfolio.

Until next week

Marataba Conservation Camps

Marataba is a 23,000 hectare privately managed section of the Marakele National Park in the heart of the Waterberg Mountains. Located in a transitional zone between the dry western and moist eastern regions of South Africa, the park is a sanctuary for black and white rhino and is home to the Big Five and a diverse variety of fauna and flora. To visit is to enjoy a hands-on and dynamic safari and active participation in one of the country’s most pioneering conservation projects. Marataba Conservation Camps consists of 2 properties. Founders Camp has 4 suites and 1 vehicle and guide and can be booked on an exclusive-use basis. The camp overlooks the Matlabas River, which attracts a variety of wildlife. The suites are tucked under the ..


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