GORILLAS: Peek-a-boo, here's an affordable option for you

18 May 2017

13,000 hectares. 9,000 gorillas. 23 families. 3 habituated groups (2 available to guests).
1 lodge. 6 rooms (maximum 12 guests). 1 trek per person per day guaranteed.
Gorillas all to yourself at ODZALA DISCOVERY CAMPS.
It is precisely because of this low-impact tourism that permit fees have remained affordable while the more well-known gorilla destinations have had to dramatically increase theirs.
US$ 355 for the first visit and US$ 285 per visit thereafter.

Western Lowland Gorillas are the lesser-known relatives of the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and Uganda. Here's a quick overview of some key differences & similarities.

  • TRACKING — easy to reach, the gorillas are found within a short 8km walk from the lodge. No vehicle, no entrance gate, no mountain (as the name says: lowland).
  • APPEARANCE — very similar to their mountain cousins, but more active and often seen climbing trees!
  • POPULATION — around 125 000 Western Lowland Gorillas are distributed in northern Republic of the Congo alone (150 x more than the 880 mountain gorillas).
  • RESEARCH — based at Odzala's Ngaga Camp, the research team interacts with guests. With 25 years in the field, without which the gorilla conservation would be in peril, the research team is fanatic about gorilla survival and their passion is inspiring.
  • EASY — we've done all the work for you and created a package that includes everything from the moment guests arrive, to the time of departure 8 days later. All you need to do is inspire your clients and CONTACT RES to make a booking.
  • 2017 PACKAGE7 nights all-inclusive @ US$ 7 750 sharing | US$ 11 763 single
  • 2018 PACKAGE7 nights all-inclusive @ US$ 8 525 sharing | US$ 13 022 single
  • FLIGHT — Thursday transfers prove to be a huge success and we are looking at a possible Monday-departure soon, allowing the option of a 10-night stay as well.
A reminder of the Odzala Camp Classic Factors:
  • GORILLA PROTECTION HOTSPOT — Ngaga Camp is home to the pioneering research of the Western Lowland Gorilla.
  • LEADING CONSERVATION INITIATIVE — preserving a vulnerable rainforest, the “lungs” of our planet, as well as vast areas of savannah and mineral rich bais.
  • OUTSTANDING ADVENTURE — with minimal impact on the ecosystem: tracking gorilla on foot, forest walking trails, kayaking, river walks, boating.
  • DISCOVER RARE SPECIES — forest elephant, forest buffalo, bongo, sitatunga, various monkey species and rare birds habituate this pure wilderness.
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Please be assured Congo-Brazzaville is stable, safe, welcoming and extremely sophisticated. It's a little bit of Paris in Africa and the Odzala arrivals team meet guests off the aeroplane and manage all ground arrangements.
Happy selling! Sustainable Africa

PS: The CRIB SHEET and FLIGHT ACCESS map and times documents change regularly. Be sure to always get the latest versions.

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