A new era dawns at Legendary Expeditions
07 May 2019

New style. New camps. New partner.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea - this update is more than a minute, but very well worth reading.

Embracing the luxury of letting go, LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS is undergoing exciting refurbishments of LEGENDARY LODGE, together with an extensive redesign of LEGENDARY SERENGETI CAMP and the building of the new MILA TENTED. The safari ethos remains fully committed to being connected, real and personal, while every booking continues to be allocated their own guide and 4x4.

This is your safari, at your pace. This is a new era for Legendary Expeditions where purpose, luxury, adventure and safari meet.
And finally, we have also included news on the closer collaboration between Legendary Expeditions and Chem Chem Safaris.

Download the newly released 2020 rates and read below for further details.

Legendary Lodge

Renovations and refurbishment completed late May.

NEW STYLE: Extensive changes are taking place at the 'grand old dame' of Arusha:
  • The dining verandah has been redone and now includes a larger inside area for cooler evenings. The front office and spa have been removed and large doors now create a lovely indoor-outdoor flow.
  • The previous indoor dining room will become a lovely bar leading off the lounge.
  • The spa now moves out of the main house into a dedicated spa space in the garden.
  • NEW COTTAGE: LEGENDARY COTTAGE comes online from August 2019. This 3-bedroomed cottage has large indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces, a swimming pool, one main en-suite room, and two smaller en-suite rooms. Fully serviced by a chef and host.

Legendary Serengeti Camp

Current mobile camps totally replaced by December 2019.

NEW CAMPS: We are super excited about the two new mobile camps with their updated camp locations. Totally redesigned tents with interiors managed by Fabia Bausch of Chem Chem Safaris, the two camps move between 4 locations in the Serengeti eco-system.
  • Every booking is allocated a guide and 4x4. Your safari, at your pace. Continues to be valid for all bookings.
  • Legendary Serengeti Camp has two identical mobile camps, each with 8 en-suite tents and a family tent (2 en-suite rooms and a shared lounge).
  • Each of the camps is pitched as a split camp whereby one side of the camp will have 6 tents and the other side will have 2 tents and the family tent.
  • Each half of the camp faces in a different direction and is fully contained with its own lounge and dining facility, using natural habitat to ensure maximum privacy at each camp. The camps operate independently while sharing a back of house.
  • Each camp has an option to make one half a ‘Private Camp’. This is the smaller side with 2 tents and the family tent.
  • CAMP 1: (SOUTH) moves between the southern migration, Maswa, and the northern migration, Lamai.
    Access: South - Mwiba/Makao Airstrips | North - Lamai Airstrip
  • CAMP 2: (WEST) moves between the western corridor, Nyasirori, to the northern migration, Wogakuria.
    Access: West - Kirawira Airstrip | North - Kogatende Airstrip
  • Camp mobilisations have been planned around one camp always being available, however, both camps are closed 1 April - 15 May and 16 - 30 November.

Launching Mila Tented

Opening 20 December 2019

NEW CAMP: The brand new Mila Tented will be opening a short distance from Mwiba Lodge and will replace Mwiba Tented Camp. Located on one of the wildlife-rich Mwiba springs, this area is action-packed for game viewing while also able to access the Da'toga and Hadza tribes for cultural immersion.
  • Designed and crafted by Nicolas Negre with interiors by Fabia Bausch, owners of Chem Chem Safaris, the style of Mila Tented has been inspired by the success of Little Chem Chem.
  • Interiors have a splash of purple which celebrates one of the Da'toga's traditional colours.
  • OPENING RATE: From 20 December 2019 to 31 March 2020, the rate is the same as Legendary Serengeti Camps at US$ 950 per adult per night and US$ 2 850 for the family tent per night.
  • Every booking is allocated a guide and 4x4. Your safari, at your pace.

Closer collaboration with Chem Chem Safaris

Shared sales & marketing

NEW PARTNER: Legendary Expeditions and Chem Chem Safaris are the perfect partners to create a travel circuit across northern Tanzania. The two remain separate entities, and with the synergy and shared ethos between the two brands, they are working closely to capitalise on shared marketing efforts and a circuit partnership.
  • USA Sales: Classic Portfolio has a dedicated salesperson in the US - Anne-Marie Walker - who manages sales representation for Legendary and Chem Chem. Kimi Christopulos continues to head up sales for Classic Portfolio in the USA.
  • We Are Africa: Legendary and Chem Chem will be joining hands at We Are Africa to further reinforce the perfect combination in northern Tanzania for our trade partners.
  • Style & Design: The style success of Chem Chem will be brought into Legendary Expeditions through Nicolas Negre's strength in designing camps, together with Fabia Bausch's talents with interiors and camp style.
  • Team: Kelly and Paul Ricklan, who used to manage Chem Chem, have joined the team at Legendary Expeditions strengthening the quality, training and operations all round. Furthermore, Jean-Claude McMenamin has joined the group as Managing Director while Russel Hastings, Director of Mwiba Holdings, remains the face and energy of Legendary Expeditions.
  • LEX DMC: Your one-stop-shop for booking safaris in East Africa. Watch this space for updates on the Arusha-based DMC office, committed to selling combination safaris across the Legendary and Chem Chem experiences, together with selected itinerary partners across East Africa.

2020 RATES

Keep up with the herd. We are not a full house yet, but here is the list of who has released 2020 rates:
  • Tanda Tula
  • The Safari Collection
    2019 – Sala's Camp
    2019 – Sasaab
    2019 – Solio Lodge
    2019 – Giraffe Manor
  • Azura Retreats
    2019 – Azura Benguerra Island
    2019 – Azura Quilalea Private Island
  • Remote Africa Safaris
  • Chiawa Safaris
  • The Bushcamp Company
  • Wolwedans Premier Camps

Thank you for your time this week. We hope to get the next update out on a Monday (as planned) and will also try and keep it to a minute or less of your time.
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Sustainable Africa


We have 14 members attending We Are Africa. Machaba Safaris and Wolwedans are adjacent to our Classic Portfolio area.
From the Classics team, I will be there with Kimi Christopulos and Cara Prettejohn.


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1500km east of mainland East Africa lies an archipelago of 115 islands collectively known as Seychelles. The outer islands, with a land area of 220 km2 make up almost half of the land area of Seychelles and 2% of its population. These outer islands comprise 9 important bird areas, the largest population of giant tortoises, nesting grounds for turtles, over 180 bird species, 320 species of coral, over 1000 fish species, spinner dolphins, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, melon-headed whales and even the elusive dugong.

Within the outer islands is the Alphonse Group, the coral islands of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier, about 1 hour's flight and 250km from Mahé. Just over 1000 km southwest of Mahé you find the Aldabra Group, including Cosmoledo and Astove Atolls. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. There may be coral islands or cays on the rim. The coral of the atoll often sits atop the rim of an extinct seamount or volcano which has eroded or subsided partially beneath the water. The lagoon forms over the volcanic crater or caldera while the higher rim remains above water or at shallow depths that permit the coral to grow and form the reefs.

It is amidst this vast oceanic playground that you will find Blue Safari Seychelles.


Mila Tented Camp

Located in Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, a conservation concession dedicated to the balance between wildlife and communities, this area is only available to a handful of guests, facilitating an excellent, uncrowded safari experience within the greater Serengeti eco-system.

With five tented rooms and a two-bedroomed family tent, Mila Tented Camp draws inspiration from the Hadzabe, who are known for their honey. This is reflected in the natural linens, textiles, and colour which blend into the environment and welcome travellers to soak up the beautiful surroundings, both inside and out.

Guests staying at Mila Tented Camp are allocated a private vehicle and guide per booking and together with undertaking a safari adventure they can visit the Hadzabe, Da'toga and Maasai tribes for a glimpse into their culture and traditions as they go about their way of life. Furthermore there is the option of fly camping for those who want a real sense of adventure and a night under the stars.