Migration madness in the Mara
27 August 2018


Wildebeest in the mist

I am the thrill of the great migration

Hot air balloon floating over the Mara

I am calmly drifting on a gentle breeze

Sun rays over the Mara

I am soaking up the rays of the sun

An implausibility of wildebeest

I am togetherness

Views farther than the eyes can see

I am the view that etches itself into your heart

Friends of the Mara

I am designed to stand out

Angama Mara south camp guest area

I am Angama Mara


There are many reasons guests will want to go to ANGAMA MARAin the Mara Triangle. If the Great Migration is one of them, we have Great Messages to herd new bookings:

September & October 2018 and receive a private vehicle, free of charge.

FOR ALL STAYS (even 1 night)
November and up to 20 December 2018 will also include a free private vehicle.

The above can be combined with the Angama Mara STAY PAY offers.
November up to 15 December 2018 and pay the following RACK rate per person:
3 nights: US$ 2 323 | 4 nights: US$ 2 861
which includes FREE return flights to/from Wilson Airport
and a hot-air balloon ride per person per stay.
And NO, that does not combine with the free private vehicle offer above.
Sustainable Africa Happy selling!


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Republic of the Congo & Central African Republic

WHAT WE LOVE: The Republic of the Congo is a former French Colony on the northern bank of the Congo River. Not to be confused with its neighbour, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), this Congo is calm, stable and rapidly developing as a leader in African affairs. Its modern history began with the late 19th century explorations of Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the French expeditionary after whom the capital is still named. Rightly dubbed the 'Little Paris of Africa', the French influence is most tangible when walking through the streets of Brazzaville. The capital is one of the cleanest and safest cities in Africa, with vibrant streets lined with art, fabric stalls, flower markets, cafés and the smell of freshly baked baguettes from one of its many boulangeries. Odzala-Kokoua National Park is part of the second largest coherent rainforest area on earth, hence this piece of Central Africa has a significant impact on our global climate, and the existence of all life. The heavily forested landscape is characterised by networks of swamps, bais and rivers making it the ideal habitat for western lowland gorillas.


Little Chem Chem

Bordering Little Chem Chem is an acacia forest within the typical landscape of the Tarangire National Park and its impressive Baobab trees. The camp overlooks the freshwater Lake Burunge with the Babati mountain range as a magnificent backdrop on the south-west. The north east faces the hills of Tarangire in the distance. Known as the sunrise camp, Little Chem Chem is home to early morning displays of glory.

Set on the earth, the five vintage tents have a large bedroom with rocking chair and study desk, a vanity area with dressing room and an en suite bathroom with running hot water shower and flushing toilet.

The atmosphere at Little Chem Chem is welcoming, elegant and oozing authenticity of a bygone era. The luxury of sharing 16’000ha with only 10 guests sets the ideal stage where one can perfectly blend into the wilderness. Lions roam around the camp and call each other at night; stately elephants march down to Lake Burunge to get a sprinkling of fresh water; cheetahs hunt on the plains facing the lake; leopards, eland and lesser kudu can be seen in the more dense woods in the inner part of the wildlife management area. And wherever there is water, the bird life is abundant and colourful.

Little Chem Chem is the ultimate setting from which to explore on foot, slow down and indulge in a sensual African safari.