[ANNOUNCEMENT] Working through COVID-19
02 March 2020


COVID-19: Talk to us

It has been the talk of the town and we simply can't ignore it any longer.
Our response? Let's be flexible, let's communicate, and let's keep travelling.

We acknowledge there is uncertainty around current bookings as well as planning new trips. While there is very little we can do to change the global impact of COVID-19, we do believe that we should be doing as much as possible to encourage people to still travel.

As we stand in this together, the Classic Portfolio members will be flexible with deposit payments, cancellation policies and confirmation dates.
Check in with us for the individual members' amended booking T&C's.

While the current impact across our Portfolio is low. Through communication and collaboration, we remain open to working together for the best outcomes for your business and our Classic Portfolio members. When you secure new bookings, we benefit. Let us know how we can help in closing those deals.

I am off to India on Saturday and will be washing my hands and taking extra immune boosters. I feel the need to live by what I am asking other travellers to do and look forward to sharing my adventures from Kashmir with you.

Connect with us

While we all have to take this disease seriously, the repercussions of not travelling will be disastrous. Let's keep supporting each other to continue conserving and protecting wild places in Africa.

Warm regards

Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa

And finally, what about those masks? If you are healthy, they are widely regarded as a waste of time when travelling, unless you are adhering to IUCN protocol for gorilla tracking. Let us stay informed and pragmatic.

ABOVE PICTURE: Ngaga Camp at Odzala Discovery Camps, Republic of the Congo

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WHAT WE LOVE: Having done safaris all over Africa our whole team agrees that Zambia is still one of the most sensational and authentic safari experiences. As the home of walking safaris this is one of the best places to get out of the vehicle and do a safari on foot. Hailed as Africa’s ‘diamond in the rough’ or even ‘the warm heart of Africa’, Zambia is a country blessed with awe-inspiring natural wonders, a huge variety of wildlife and an abundance of birdlife, huge water bodies (including 17 magnificent waterfalls) and great tracts of pristine bushveld. It has also been acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world, whose inhabitants are known for being warm and welcoming. It is a landlocked country, sharing its borders with Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Angola to the east, Namibia and Zimbabwe to the south, and Mozambique and Malawi to the east. It even shares a 2km border with Botswana!


Tanda Tula Safari Camp

Tanda Tula Safari Camp is one of South Africa's most luxurious East African styled tented safari camps. Owner-run and managed by Don & Nina Scott, Tanda Tula Safari Camp provides an unforgettable safari experience, with unprecedented attention to detail. Shaded by majestic trees and overlooking the Nhlaralumi riverbed, their 12 spacious tents boast their own private deck with uninterrupted views of the wilderness ahead. Each tent is complete with en-suite bathroom and outdoor shower. There are fantastic walking opportunities as well as 4x4 safari activities on offer at Tanda Tula taking advantage of its enviable location where game is able to roam freely between the Timbavati and Kruger National Park as they are not fenced. The Timbavati is also recognised for its low human impact, all lodges in the area coordinate their game viewing activities according to strict controls which ensure the sustainability of our bushveld and sensitivity to the wildlife making for an authentic and unspoilt experience.