18 January 2018

CLASSICS ROUNDUP: As we look ahead at 2018, we would like to share a round-up of our unique experiences and adventures. Through supporting our privately owned members, and their commitment to conservation and communities, you contribute to a sustainable Africa.

Make a difference this year by booking these destinations:
What's New?
Everyone loves to know what's hip and happening. Here's the update on current events in our Portfolio:
  • PRAIA SUNDY - opened on 20 December - a stylish tented camp on the SUNDY PRÍNCIPE beach. See also discovering the undiscovered.
  • A brilliant response to the newly opened LA CLÉ COUNTRY LODGE - the latest boutique hotel offering in Franschhoek, available per room or exclusively.
  • Just announced, new garden-to-table private dining in the ANGAMA MARA Shamba as well as a new photography studio for guests.
  • Upgraded spa at AZURA BENGUERRA now with a reception area and second treatment room with a view. The perfect spot for a post-safari chill-out.
In the pipeline, we have:
  • Refurbishment of the cottages at GIBB'S FARM and exciting main area developments. The first four cottages have been completed and the others will be done in phases during 2018.
  • New lodges nearing completion at DELAIRE GRAFF LODGES & SPA.
  • Coming soon: news of new openings from CHEM CHEM SAFARIS - watch this space!
Discovering the Undiscovered
Off the beaten track is the new luxury! Do not let your clients miss out on the hottest trips for 2018. We give you the best expeditions and adventures in our Portfolio:
  • SUNDY PRÍNCIPE - the Galapagos of Africa - encounter culture, nature, a forgotten island.
  • ODZALA DISCOVERY CAMPS - breathe in rainforest air and explore the jungles of Tarzan in the Congo basin. Discover gorillas, bongo, forest elephant and more.
  • AZURA QUILALEA - journey to a Robinson-Crusoe-style barefoot castaway island.
  • REMOTE AFRICA SAFARIS - find serenity in the the truly wild places of Zambia's North & South Luangwa National Parks.
  • LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS CAMPS - arrive at the only camps in vast wilderness areas abounding with life in all its forms.
Constantly Evolving
We applaud our clients who always push the boundaries of creativity and continue to evolve their product offering:
  • SALA'S CAMP - have upgraded and refurbished all their tents which now each offer plunge pools to escape the Mara heat.
  • THE BUSHCAMP COMPANY - did you know, the chic style of these camps perfectly complements the abundant wildlife. one of our most creative clients, Andy is always looks for ways to improve his already fabulous camps.
  • CHIAWA CAMP & OLD MONDORO - whether it's shifting with the river, upgrading the current or creating new things, Grant's camps move with the times.
  • TANDA TULA - attention to guest delight is what drives Don and Nina to constantly evolve and create, whether it's food, the safari experience or the tents.
Great Value
We understand that getting the best value is of utmost importance for you to keep your clients. Here are some of the best deals for 2018 in our Portfolio:
Making an Impact
Sometimes we travel to make a difference, not realising we'll return different ourselves. Participative travel is big and should be embraced wholeheartedly:
  • KWANDWE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE embraces participation in their wildlife conservation. From rhino darting to specialist guided activities. What a trip!
  • Change the lives of school children at GIBB'S FARM by DONATING A DESK.
  • Philanthropy and safaris are at the heart of CHEM CHEM, here guests connect with various community and conservation projects supported by their Foundation.
  • The cultural diversity at MWIBA LODGE is astounding and time with the Hadza and Da'Toga tribes cannot be compared to anything you've ever done.
  • SASAAB shows you Samburu culture in a humbling way. It's real. It's true. It changes you.
Family Time
With children of my own, I understand how it important it is to travel to places where connection is nurtured. I've just returned from spending time with the Carr-Hartleys in Kenya on the most amazing family safari. Visit these exclusive villas for a positive timeout:
We realise this is an information overload. SEND US AN EMAIL and we'll talk you through the details for any of the above.

Sustainable Africa Best wishes for a great 2018 - we look forward to working with you.

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