[COVID COMMENT] Discussing the elephant in the room
04 May 2020

Transparent. Accountable. Sustainable.

While there may not be a literal elephant in the room, we all know we need to face a few hard questions.

For those of you who know Classics, either through meeting me in person, or following our weekly communication, you will know that we like to challenge and think beyond where we are now. Considering the responsibility of our Members, and how guests and our trade partners complete the picture, we would like to unpack transparency plus accountability, and the future sustainability of our safari industry.

Our last communication: Navigating a way forward together. PAIN. REMAIN. GAIN had an exceptionally high open rate (in fact our highest ever) and we had the most productive, constructive and insightful feedback from our trade partners, as well as overwhelming support from other lodge, hotel and camp owners.

Classic Portfolio not only stands firmly behind our exceptional Members, but also the wider African tourism industry that is striving to be more responsible and sustainable going forward.

WATCH & JOIN - in response to our last communication, to being transparent and having a more interactive dialogue, we invite you to partake in these 2 actions:

Watch this video (it's worth it)

1. Impact Video

WATCH our impact infographic

Communicating the impact and responsibility that our Members carry, and how we value the support of our trade partners, is a challenge. We therefore created a fun video which has been carefully crafted to convey a complex message in the most simple way. I have to admit I love the power of numbers!
Register for our Tuesday Talk on 12 May 2020

2. Tuesday Talks

JOIN us on Tuesday 12th May

Engage in the first of our series of Tuesday Talks as we open with a panel of key trade partners (who have all been around for more than 20 years and are great supporters of our Portfolio) as we discuss PAIN. REMAIN. GAIN to get their input on the trade channel. What they will change going forward and recommendations they would make to the greater African tourism industry.

Our first panel:
  • Craig Smith: NEW FRONTIERS — DMC with no lodges and camps
  • Cherri Briggs: EXPLORE INC — USA-based safari expert who books direct
  • Muriel Truter: ASKARI TRAVEL — Canadian-based multi-destination travel expert, using DMC services
  • Maija de Rijk-Uys: GO2AFRICA — South African-based online safari tour operator, booking direct and via DMC's
Moderated by: Suzanne Bayly-Coupe CLASSIC PORTFOLIO

Please join us for this panel discussion which takes place via ZOOM at 4:00 PM (South Africa time zone = GMT +2:00).

Your feedback is always crucial and we ask you to keep engaging.
While we may be overwhelmed by our current crisis, through collaborating, listening and understanding each other's perspectives, we will navigate a way forward together.
Remaining positive and #allinthistogether

Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa


WHAT WE LOVE: The big open spaces, incredible dark skies at night, landscapes that take your breath away and the desert climate that makes for fantastic photography. Namibia is a country of many cultures, stories, and history. One of the highlights of this mostly desert country is the NamibRand Nature Reserve. With its own set of stories that tell of perseverance, commitment, passion, and success, we are thrilled to represent the Premier Camps in the Wolwedans Collection.


Mila Tented Camp

Located in Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, a conservation concession dedicated to the balance between wildlife and communities, this area is only available to a handful of guests, facilitating an excellent, uncrowded safari experience within the greater Serengeti eco-system.

With five tented rooms and a two-bedroomed family tent, Mila Tented Camp draws inspiration from the Hadzabe, who are known for their honey. This is reflected in the natural linens, textiles, and colour which blend into the environment and welcome travellers to soak up the beautiful surroundings, both inside and out.

Guests staying at Mila Tented Camp are allocated a private vehicle and guide per booking and together with undertaking a safari adventure they can visit the Hadzabe, Da'toga and Maasai tribes for a glimpse into their culture and traditions as they go about their way of life. Furthermore there is the option of fly camping for those who want a real sense of adventure and a night under the stars.