[COVID COMMENT] Discussing the elephant in the room
04 May 2020

Transparent. Accountable. Sustainable.

While there may not be a literal elephant in the room, we all know we need to face a few hard questions.

For those of you who know Classics, either through meeting me in person, or following our weekly communication, you will know that we like to challenge and think beyond where we are now. Considering the responsibility of our Members, and how guests and our trade partners complete the picture, we would like to unpack transparency plus accountability, and the future sustainability of our safari industry.

Our last communication: Navigating a way forward together. PAIN. REMAIN. GAIN had an exceptionally high open rate (in fact our highest ever) and we had the most productive, constructive and insightful feedback from our trade partners, as well as overwhelming support from other lodge, hotel and camp owners.

Classic Portfolio not only stands firmly behind our exceptional Members, but also the wider African tourism industry that is striving to be more responsible and sustainable going forward.

WATCH & JOIN - in response to our last communication, to being transparent and having a more interactive dialogue, we invite you to partake in these 2 actions:

Watch this video (it's worth it)

1. Impact Video

WATCH our impact infographic

Communicating the impact and responsibility that our Members carry, and how we value the support of our trade partners, is a challenge. We therefore created a fun video which has been carefully crafted to convey a complex message in the most simple way. I have to admit I love the power of numbers!
Register for our Tuesday Talk on 12 May 2020

2. Tuesday Talks

JOIN us on Tuesday 12th May

Engage in the first of our series of Tuesday Talks as we open with a panel of key trade partners (who have all been around for more than 20 years and are great supporters of our Portfolio) as we discuss PAIN. REMAIN. GAIN to get their input on the trade channel. What they will change going forward and recommendations they would make to the greater African tourism industry.

Our first panel:
  • Craig Smith: NEW FRONTIERS — DMC with no lodges and camps
  • Cherri Briggs: EXPLORE INC — USA-based safari expert who books direct
  • Muriel Truter: ASKARI TRAVEL — Canadian-based multi-destination travel expert, using DMC services
  • Maija de Rijk-Uys: GO2AFRICA — South African-based online safari tour operator, booking direct and via DMC's
Moderated by: Suzanne Bayly-Coupe CLASSIC PORTFOLIO

Please join us for this panel discussion which takes place via ZOOM at 4:00 PM (South Africa time zone = GMT +2:00).

Your feedback is always crucial and we ask you to keep engaging.
While we may be overwhelmed by our current crisis, through collaborating, listening and understanding each other's perspectives, we will navigate a way forward together.
Remaining positive and #allinthistogether

Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa

Republic of the Congo & Central African Republic

WHAT WE LOVE: The Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic, both former French colonies, are 2 of the 6 countries across which the Congo Basin expands. Second in size to the mighty Amazon, the forests of the Congo Basin contain the greatest number of mammals, primates, birds, amphibians, fish and swallowtail butterflies in Africa. More than a 1,000 species of bird can be found here. The basin is a total of 3.7 million km2 and is home to some of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet, in addition to large wetlands. Connecting two of the most iconic locations - Odzala-Kokoua and Dzanga-Sangha National Parks - within this rainforest wilderness offers the most exciting opportunity to discover a part of Africa in a truly pioneering way, while making a significant contribution to the long-term conservation and community sustainability of this region. This is no longer the 'Heart of Darkness'. This is Africa unmasked, beautiful and powerful. This is the most exciting destination to be opening to tourism. This is CONGO CONSERVATION COMPANY waiting for you to discover the most remarkable and unspoilt natural wonders of the continent.


Migrational Camps

Explore a rich landscape of inky blue skies, burnt orange sunsets and the soft neutrals of the African savannah from the Migrational Camps. Operating as 2 seasonal camps across 4 locations within the Serengeti, the classic design of the camps has been adapted to complement the environment. The natural linen and earthy colours reflect the tranquility and peace of the Serengeti, allowing you to feel connected to your surrounds as you follow the ever-moving migration...
The Migrational Camps are two identical mobile camps, each with 8 en-suite tents and a family tent (2 en-suite rooms and a shared lounge). Each of the camps is pitched as a split camp whereby one side of the camp will have 6 tents and the other side 2 tents and the family tent. Each half of the camp faces in a different direction and is fully contained with its own lounge and dining facility, using natural habitat to ensure maximum privacy and each camp. The smaller side with 2 tents and the family tent has the option to become a ‘Private Camp’. Every booking is allocated a private safari vehicle for game drives and seated at separate dining tables for mealtimes.
Nyasi Migrational Camp will open in Lamai on 1 June 2021, and close on 16 October to move to the south, where it will reopen on the 15 December 2021. Songa Migrational Camp will open in Kogatende on 1 July 2021, and close on the 16 November to move to the south, where it will also reopen on the 15 December 2021. These are the planned dates for camp mobilisation and are subject to change. The camp follows the migratory route of the wildebeest and should the herds move earlier or later than expected, the camps may be mobilised accordingly. Please enquire with specific dates to check the expected location of the camp.
NYASI MIGRATIONAL CAMP: moves between the southern migration to the northern migration, Lamai. Access: South - Mwiba/Makao Airstrips | North - Lamai Airstrip
SONGA MIGRATONAL CAMP moves between the southern migration to the northern migration, Kogatende. Access: South – Mwiba/Makao Airstrip | North - Kogatende Airstrip