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27 July 2020

Just answer one question...

If you could get on a plane and head anywhere in Africa, where would you go?
I was asked this question over the weekend as I was doing an intensive 17km walk. Without hesitation, I knew exactly where I would be teleported to if it were possible. I would love to be on foot, feeling the sun on my back, hearing life all around and smelling the African bush.
I would love to be on a walking safari in Zambia.

Even though this is one of the oldest safari destinations in Africa, itis a mystery to most in our industry. As a destination, it tends to have longer safaris with very high return stays, yet most agents I know have never sold a safari here. The camps and lodges are generally owned by passionate individuals who offer truly authentic experiences, embracing a sense of adventure with a true commitment to the environment in which they operate, yet larger corporate safari entities individually get more support than Zambia as a whole.

Zambia is a fascinating and powerful place. It is the home of walking safaris and remains truly authentic. Zambia is waiting to be discovered by those who want to connect deeply with Africa.

I answered the above question. My question to you is:
Have you sold Zambia?


Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 16:30 (South Africa time zone)

Hear directly from our resident Zambian experts about new developments on the horizon and how the demand for connected, authentic safaris is growing.
  1. Meet the passion behind some of the last remaining owner-run camps in Zambia.
  2. Find out what makes Zambia unique.
  3. Discover why Zambian safaris are so well suited to the future traveller.
  4. Understand why should you support Zambia.
  5. Learn how to sell Zambia.
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The Bushcamp Company

In the remote southern section of the iconic South Luangwa, lies 6 secluded, intimate camps, with the renowned Mfuwe Lodge just inside the main park gate. Setting out from any of these bush camps, guarantees an unrivalled wildlife experience in one of the last unspoilt wilderness regions of Africa – the very place where the walking safari was pioneered.

On the panel: Fannuel Banda

Chiawa Safaris

In 1989 Chiawa Camp was the first camp to open in the Lower Zambezi NP, renowned for its abundant wildlife in a raw, remote wilderness. Today, Chiawa Safaris operates authentic Zambian safaris in both the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks, where the wellbeing of guests, the wildlife, habitat and surrounding communities take absolute priority.

On the panel: Grant Cumings

Remote Africa Safaris

Meet the new partner and shareholder to hear about the exciting future of one of Zambia's longest standing safari companies, Remote Africa Safaris. Located in the vast South and North Luangwa valleys, guests are guaranteed iconic safari experiences across secluded camps with excellent game viewing. Here you reconnect with nature without compromise.

On the panel: Mark McAdam

Jeffery & McKeith Safaris

With camps located in some of the most remote and wildest reaches of the Kafue National Park and Liuwa Plains, these are the perfect spots from which to explore and experience African wildlife at its very best. These areas have been chosen specifically for the positive impact it would have on conservation as well as to give guests the best possible wildlife encounters.

On the panel: Tyrone McKeith

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Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
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South Africa

WHAT WE LOVE: Many of our team are South African and we are all extremely passionate about the country, its people, wildlife and scenic beauty – who would not be with an office in the Cape winelands! But most of all we are proud of what South Africa has achieved and the challenges we have overcome. It is a country that has diversity as its hallmark. From lush forests, vast savannahs, beautiful beaches, arid semi-desert, dramatic mountain ranges to its cosmopolitan cities, ‘Big Five’ wildlife reserves, winelands, gourmet restaurants and colourful shanty towns: South Africa has all any visitor could ask for. Strong on adventure, sport, nature and wildlife, it is also a pioneer and global leader in responsible tourism.


Little Chem Chem

Bordering Little Chem Chem is an acacia forest within the typical landscape of the Tarangire National Park and its impressive Baobab trees. The camp overlooks the freshwater Lake Burunge with the Babati mountain range as a magnificent backdrop on the south-west. The north east faces the hills of Tarangire in the distance. Known as the sunrise camp, Little Chem Chem is home to early morning displays of glory.

Set on the earth, the five vintage tents have a large bedroom with rocking chair and study desk, a vanity area with dressing room and an en suite bathroom with running hot water shower and flushing toilet.

The atmosphere at Little Chem Chem is welcoming, elegant and oozing authenticity of a bygone era. The luxury of sharing 16’000ha with only 10 guests sets the ideal stage where one can perfectly blend into the wilderness. Lions roam around the camp and call each other at night; stately elephants march down to Lake Burunge to get a sprinkling of fresh water; cheetahs hunt on the plains facing the lake; leopards, eland and lesser kudu can be seen in the more dense woods in the inner part of the wildlife management area. And wherever there is water, the bird life is abundant and colourful.

Little Chem Chem is the ultimate setting from which to explore on foot, slow down and indulge in a sensual African safari.