[COVID COMMENT] What does the new safari experience look like?
18 June 2020


welcoming travellers again

TANZANIA: Protocols firmly in place, we are happy to announce that CHEM CHEM SAFARIS is ready to welcome guests to LITTLE CHEM CHEM. In Arusha, LEGENDARY LODGE will be open from August.

Though flight information is subject to change and flights are starting to resume as lockdowns lift, Qatar Airways already operates 3 flights per week into Dar Es Salaam.

Join our TUESDAY TALK on 23rd June as we hear how 3 Tanzanian based businesses are managing safaris of the future. Details below.
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Tuesday, 23 June 2020, 16:30
(South Africa time zone)

Our conversation will be destination-based this time, focusing on 3 Tanzanian companies as the country reopens for travellers. We welcome to the panel speakers from our Classics members CHEM CHEM SAFARIS and LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS, together with partner and friend NOMAD TANZANIA.

Goodbye COVID? Hello new normal ...


Inspired by classic safari traditions, Legendary Expeditions is built upon a profound passion for an abundant future for Tanzania’s remote regions. A collection of lodges and tented camps offers a rich, diverse perspective on the country’s wilderness. This is not about the camps alone, equally the journey between. With a safari and conservation company that has access to over 3.4 million acres of wilderness, you explore remote and unspoilt regions with your private guide. From 4x4 drives and big game safari walks to hunting with the Hadza, dancing with the Datoga and following the migration, your expedition is underpinned by a philanthropic vision that celebrates adventure in vast African wildernesses.

Panelist: Sean Clark — Director of Sales & Marketing
*We have new camp images for Mila Tented Camp and Legendary Serengeti Camp.


With 20 000 hectares (55 000 acres) of untainted African bush, the Chem Chem - Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) protects an invaluable migration corridor between the ancient landscape of Tarangire National Park and the tranquil waters of Lake Manyara National Park. It is the perfect place to connect with the rolling wilderness around you and to immerse yourself in an authentic Tanzanian wilderness experience. The concept of a Slow Safari was born at Chem Chem. Key is the ethos of a safari as a tangible, sensual experience beyond the confines of a vehicle, where on foot guests can see, feel, touch and smell the African bush for themselves.

Panelist: Nicolas Negre — Co-Owner & visionary of Chem Chem Safaris


For the past 20 years Nomad has owned and operated outstanding safari camps in three of Tanzania's remotest corners. Their camps were the pioneers in parts of the country few people had heard of at the time, and fewer still had visited. Since those early days, Nomad’s enduring obsession with Tanzania’s wild places and their promise remains giving you a truly original and exhilarating safari experience.
Panelist: Petra Meyr - Head of Safari Operations
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The new normal is upon us - we cannot wait to #exploredeeper.

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Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa

Republic of the Congo & Central African Republic

WHAT WE LOVE: The Republic of the Congo and Central African Republic, both former French colonies, are 2 of the 6 countries across which the Congo Basin expands. Second in size to the mighty Amazon, the forests of the Congo Basin contain the greatest number of mammals, primates, birds, amphibians, fish and swallowtail butterflies in Africa. More than a 1,000 species of bird can be found here. The basin is a total of 3.7 million km2 and is home to some of the largest undisturbed stands of tropical rainforest on the planet, in addition to large wetlands. Connecting two of the most iconic locations - Odzala-Kokoua and Dzanga-Sangha National Parks - within this rainforest wilderness offers the most exciting opportunity to discover a part of Africa in a truly pioneering way, while making a significant contribution to the long-term conservation and community sustainability of this region. This is no longer the 'Heart of Darkness'. This is Africa unmasked, beautiful and powerful. This is the most exciting destination to be opening to tourism. This is CONGO CONSERVATION COMPANY waiting for you to discover the most remarkable and unspoilt natural wonders of the continent.


Machaba Camp & Little Machaba

The classic, 1950’s-style Machaba Camp and Little Machaba are situated in the 35 000-hectare Khwai Concession in the northeastern Okavango, adjacent to Moremi Game Reserve. The name Machaba is the local Setswana name for the sycamore fig tree, the tree of life, renowned for their abundant fruit, which feeds a vast array of animals throughout the year, including elephant, baboons, bushbuck, green pigeons and many more. The camp pathways meander between the large riverine trees.

Machaba Camp's 10 luxury tents are situated in the beautiful riverine treeline on the Khwai River, overlooking the famous Moremi Game Reserve. From these tented verandas one can watch the daily parade of animals coming down to drink at the river in front of camp. The tents and main area of Little Machaba are all on decks and overlook a large floodplain.