Escape Black Friday - Go Green!

24 November 2016

EAST AFRICA: Without a doubt, my personal best time to go is January to March. Traditionally the high season, it is BEAUTIFUL - the colours are bright and soft, the temperature is perfect, the value is incredible! Just this week, Nicky Fitzgerald summarised it perfectly in a refreshing blog post: KEEP CALM AND COME WHEN IT'S GREEN - we couldn't agree more!

Here are two journey ideas to get the best out of East Africa, with more on our WEBSITE:
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I ♥ Kenya Ultimate East Africa


  • KENYA — diversity:
    • THE SAFARI COLLECTION — Mara plains, Samburu culture, rhino conservation, iconic experiences in one circuit.
    • ANGAMA MARA — the views, people, Mara Triangle, easily combined with anything.
  • TANZANIA — expansive wilderness:
    • LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS & CHEM CHEM SAFARIS — vast private concessions with incredible cultural interaction in such diverse areas and so much more. The start and end to the Northern Circuit.
    • GIBB'S FARM — an oasis on safari and an experience in its own right: community, hiking, farm life, views & gardens that soothe the soul.
    • AZURA SELOUS — a singular, massive Selous safari! Combine with Ruaha (we recommend Asilia's Kwihala Camp) or the coast (we recommend White Sands, Zanzibar or Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Island).

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A PARTING THOUGHT: You know, the wildebeest migration is but one aspect of an unbelievable, rich, breathtaking, astonishing experience in East Africa. We truly are spoilt for choice. And people don't migrate - the interaction with ethnic groups and tribes in East Africa is raw, authentic, honest-to-goodness the real deal.

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PS: We couldn't resist. Turn the volume UP, click play and take a moment. You'll love this:
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Azura Selous

Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest faunal reserves of the world and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982 due to the diversity of its wildlife and undisturbed nature. Within this vast wilderness, Azura Selous offers an authentic African safari that is stylish, personal and filled with lots of wow factor. There is nothing like Azura Selous, in terms of style or concept, in southern Tanzania. The Selous is the best kept secret waiting to be discovered. At the elegant main camp area a stunning infinity pool overlooks the Ruaha River while the 12 air-conditioned tented villas offer every creature comfort as well as opulent stone bathrooms and private plunge pools. The beauty of being in the western Selous, hour..


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