Families: big, small or blended - what are your options?

22 March 2018

FAMILIES: A common thread in our recent survey was family travel. Realising that they don't always fit into the 2-parent-2-children box anymore, we considered where you could send the single parents, 2+4 or more, blended families and multi-generational or extended family groups for some time to connect.
Conclusion - depending on age, you could make it work anywhere in our portfolio.
Where is the information? - download our CRIB SHEET.

  • THE SINGLE PARENT — travelling alone with 2 children, you just need to have an extra bed in the room. Talk to me ... this is how I travel. I do recommend camps where the kids can be entertained and give the parent a moment to breathe.
  • THE LESSER-SPOTTED FAMILY OF 4 — this 2+2 fits comfortably into the family units across our Portfolio.
  • 2+4 OR MORE — Mom & Dad with 4 kids or more, these folks need to pay for 2 suites and have an extra bed in each, or have a double and a quad. A few of our lodges and hotels work well on this basis.
  • BLENDED — not just an Adam Sandler comedy, we have a growing number of requests for 2nd marriage combined families who need to navigate emotions as well as space, go for villas or multiple suites ... and maybe a private guide to help smooth dynamics.
  • MULTI-GEN / EXTENDED FAMILIES — take the camp exclusively, book a villa, or tents for everyone ... here again, the private guide can take on the role of fun-maker as well as logistics manager. We love planning these groups as value can be found in group discounts and private charter over seat-in rates.
  • WHERE TO FIND THE INFORMATION — child ages, extra beds, family suites, room configurations, it's all in the CRIB SHEET. The hardest part is finding AVAILABILITY, but we've got you covered.
Download Crib Sheet Online Availability
At Classics we value family time and would love to work with you to create the best experiences. Call or email us at any stage. I am fortunate enough to have travelled to most of our camps and lodges with my kids and can share my personal insights.

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INDABA APPOINTMENTS with Classic Portfolio & Partners
And talking about families, our Indaba stand is BLENDED and EXTENDED so do come and meet our Classics clan and key partners on stand: ICC G12.
And yes, our stand does include a great big bar with refreshments and snacks!  

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Old Mondoro

About an hour east downstream by boat from sister camp Chiawa, Old Mondoro is located in the wonderfully open area of Faidherbia Forest. The camp is a far simpler affair that Chiawa yet the guiding levels, activity choice, service and excellent home-cooking remain are par. The comfortable rooms are strung out along a hippo-friendly channel off the Zambezi, enjoying great views with their half-height walls and small decks. Activities at Old Mondoro focus on game drives and boating, though the elephant and hippo activity around camp are enough to encourage a lodge-based safari! Tasty meals are served fireside or in the open-sided thatched dining room, and star-gazing in this remote spot makes a perfect pastime...


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