[FINAL COVID COMMENT] How we are preparing for what lies ahead
01 September 2020


Our final COVID Comment reflects on what we have learnt and how we will emerge into 2021.

The past six months ending in August have been relentless. While COVID-19 may not be over, as a team we would like to share our vision on how we plan to build our way out of what has essentially been a completely shitty year.

2020 has been the biggest business challenge many of us have ever had to face, yet the long marathon of recovery ahead has yet to begin. However, with every challenge, there is also an opportunity, and I feel excited about how we will adapt (aka pivot) going forward.

For us, September is the start of our emergence. We are sharing our thinking and some of our future plans with you, at the same time we invite you to join us on our journey.



The initial five months was a crazy scramble as each of us navigated our way through our industry literally collapsing. During this time I wrote our first COVID Comment: PAIN. REMAIN. GAIN. This communication and thought process guided us through the initial COVID-19 shake-down.

OUR MEMBERS: During the 'scramble' months our Classic Portfolio members remained strong, steadfast and fully committed to their massive responsibilities within the areas they operate and toward the teams they employ. Only one resigned and I cannot thank the remaining 15 members enough for their continued commitment to Classics.


COMMITMENT FEE & BOOKING TERMS: Across our Portfolio we reviewed the booking and payment terms and conditions. As far as possible we have streamlined these with a policy of refundable commitment fee or an on-demand commitment fee with full payment at 45 days prior to arrival. In special circumstances postponement may be considered if travel is cancelled 45 days or fewer prior to arrival due to a COVID-19-related issue.

TUESDAY TALKS: While I have begun to personally loathe ZOOM, we had a fabulous response to our TUESDAY TALKS. These interactive sessions, featuring our members and at times, partners, have been a great success. Tuesday Talks will continue and be more destination focused going forward.




A mentor and friend said, "August is the month of acceptance".

The past few weeks of travelling with my kids, I have gained perspective and really considered the impact of this crisis. It has been a time to breathe; accept that the life and business environment we knew in the past has been fundamentally altered; and consider how we are going to adapt going forward.

SUSTAINABLE AFRICA MEGAFAM: With much regret, we felt it was in the best interest of our Portfolio Members and Partners to cancel, what would have been, our third and final MegaFam. But watch this space, we will roll out something new.

COVID-19 PROTOCOLS: As our camps and lodges have started to reopen, they have calm, measured and government compliant protocols in-place to ensure the health and safety of both guests and staff teams. Please review these on our website under each member on the same tab as the 2020-2021 rates.

TRADE RELATIONS STRATEGY: We are consolidating our core group of trade partners who share the same business ethos, and want to build sustainable partnerships with us in the future. As a team we have opted not to take part in any online trade shows, instead, our sales team is always available to discuss product updates and business building collaboration.

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Over the next four months, we will dedicate time and energy to evolving.
We cannot divulge all our ideas, but be assured we are more committed to the success of our members than ever before, and seeking out more visionary, authentic, sustainable and trusted experiences across Africa.

WEB PLATFORM: Today (1st September) we begin our new web platform project dedicated to a modern and inclusive narrative for tourism across Africa. Watch this space for a tech-inspired website that will support availability checking and itinerary building across our Portfolio.

NEW CAMP LAUNCH: Considering the year of chaos we have been fortunate to be part of the most fabulous learning experience from conceptualisation to launch (first guests arrive today) of active participation at Marataba Conservation Camps.

CONSCIOUS JOURNEYS: Next week we launch "Conscious Journeys" focusing on our members who have been fully committed to Africa during 2020 and emerging as stronger players in 2021. These range from exclusive-use villas and camps in remote locations to active conservation participation and true adventures for travellers seeking off-the-beaten track, truly authentic destinations.

It is amazing what opportunities arise in a crisis. We have been exploring numerous new avenues for future business growth and as things develop we will keep you in the loop. We would love to hear what your plans are and how we can collaborate and build our way forward.


Finally, to all of you who read, engage and support our Portfolio through our regular communications and sending ongoing bookings, THANK YOU.

We need to be brave and continue to live our lives and drive our businesses with purpose and passion. As a result, we will overcome this bump together and come out stronger.

Warmest regards
Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
OWNER, Classic Portfolio

South Africa

WHAT WE LOVE: Many of our team are South African and we are all extremely passionate about the country, its people, wildlife and scenic beauty – who would not be with an office in the Cape winelands! But most of all we are proud of what South Africa has achieved and the challenges we have overcome. It is a country that has diversity as its hallmark. From lush forests, vast savannahs, beautiful beaches, arid semi-desert, dramatic mountain ranges to its cosmopolitan cities, ‘Big Five’ wildlife reserves, winelands, gourmet restaurants and colourful shanty towns: South Africa has all any visitor could ask for. Strong on adventure, sport, nature and wildlife, it is also a pioneer and global leader in responsible tourism.


Tanda Tula Field Camp

Launched March 2014, Tanda Tula Field Camp is a first of its kind in South Africa. It is a non-permanent explorer-styled tented camp that has been considered the most environmentally friendly camp in South Africa. "Treading softly on the surface of the earth" is a foundation principle of everything that Tanda Tula stands for, and a principle that is echoed throughout each element of the new field camp experience. The Field Camp has evolved to meet the growing requirement in the market for privacy and exclusivity, in one of the few remaining private wilderness areas forming part of the Greater Kruger National Park. Tanda Tula Field Camp is a unique safari experience unlike any other. Consisting of four custom designed tents, with en-suite open air bush bathrooms and a communal mess tent, Tanda Tula Field Camp draws on the traditions of the classic East African safari with detailed campaign style furniture and soft furnishings from the Cape, North Africa, and Zanzibar. The field camp is set up and taken down for each safari, making it the ultimate eco-friendly camp, designed for minimum energy consumption and ground impact.  The camp caters for between 4 and 8 guests on an exclusive-use basis only. Guests are hosted by some of the industry's leading iconic guides who accompany them on an extraordinary journey of exploration and adventure.