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01 February 2018

PRÍNCIPE ISLAND: The latest addition to our Portfolio and one of the hottest new launches for 2018 - SUNDY PRÍNCIPE is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Situated 200km off the coast of Gabon, Cara and I are here at the moment and have been learning about the challenges this island faces, how resilient and amazing the people are and how they want to protect their environment to ensure a ‘pristine Príncipe as the future of all Príncipeans in the heart of the world’. Tourism is an essential contributor to the success of this vision.

From the same owner as Bom Bom, we now have the historical cocoa plantation ROÇA SUNDY (opened September '17) and the beautiful beach lodge PRAIA SUNDY (opened December '17). The two combine perfectly to create the ideal stay on Príncipe.

This compact island is jam-packed with activities that have a low impact on the environment.  
  • Feet on the ground: Enjoy numerous guided hikes in the Príncipe Biosphere with volcanic spires and tropical rainforest, tick off some of the 21 endemic species while bird watching. Or head out at night to watch the turtles nesting and hatching.
  • Out to sea: Discover hidden beaches by boat, blow bubbles on scuba dives and watch whales and dolphins in season.
  • On wheels: Have a guided day exploring Príncipe and the numerous historical plantations, visit the smallest capital in Africa - Saint Antonio and stop in at a traditional fishing village.
  • Or totally chill out and relax at Praia Sundy. From massage treatments and cooking classes to sitting under a tree watching a local fisherman craft a traditional fishing dugout.
We have created an easy to understand PRÍNCIPE FLIGHT ACCESS chart showing the best direct connections into São Tome. From Europe, it is with TAP ex Lisbon and from Africa via Accra, Libreville, and Luanda.

There is a flight connecting Odzala Discovery Camps (via Libreville) with São Tome/ Príncipe. Watch this space for details on this Bucket List trip with 7 nights in each destination.
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