Free flights and a new experience
28 January 2019


How to get to KWANDWE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE, and a new activity while there?

ACCESS — With scheduled charter flights, only 30 minutes from Port Elizabeth International Airport until you set foot on the reserve. Options also available from Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town.

  • SPECIAL OFFER — free flights (from Port Elizabeth or Plettenberg Bay) for families and friends in villa stays. Save up to R 54 400 (approx. US$ 4 000).
    See below for more details.

LAUNCHING — Winter Wilderness Walking, an experience that allows you to fully immerse yourself into the landscape and sleep under the stars.

  • Up to 3 tents set up with raised beds and full linen, a private bathroom per tent, using bucket showers (with hot water) and eco-toilets.


Kwandwe offers FREE return charter flights to/from Port Elizabeth, or a FREE one-wayflight between Plettenberg Bay for all villa stays as follows:

  • Port Elizabeth - Kwandwe: R 3 400 per person each way (approx. US$ 250).
  • Plettenberg Bay - Kwandwe: from R 29 000 per flight (approx. US$ 2 120).
  • Cape Town - Kwandwe: Charter rates on request.


With over 54,000 acres of private reserve, the Kwandwe rangers are now sharing a shortened version of their 3-day solo training walk. This is one of the ultimate experiences for all rangers and the final test to their training. Guests will have the opportunity to experience all this freedom together with the assurance of an armed ranger, private camp set up and a vehicle escape if required.

  • ACTIVITY RATE — R 9 000 per night (1 - 6 guests) supplement on per-night lodge/villa rate.
  • THE EXPERIENCE — Depart from your lodge or villa, walk with your ranger and tracker to a private fly-camp for the evening. Here you sit around the fire, cook a meal over open flames, share stories and take in the sounds under the twinkling night sky.
  • SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS — up to 3 tents with twin/king beds, full linen, hot water bottles, and private bathrooms with bucket showers (hot water) and eco-toilets.
  • VALID — between May and September (winter is the best as it is drier and cooler - perfect walking weather).
  • CHILDREN — from 16 years are welcome.
  • MINIMUM STAY — 3 nights at any Kwandwe villa/lodge.
  • INCLUSIONS — private vehicle* and specialist ranger.

*If guests decide not to sleep out, they can drive back to the lodge/villa after dinner.

2019 RATES

It's not often that you get a free flight or the opportunity to camp under the stars - in style. A visit with KWANDWE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE creates memories that last a lifetime.


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Sustainable Africa


Your perfect itinerary planning tool is our online portal showing availability across Classic Portfolio. Click on the country and start building unforgetable journeys.
This is by far the best snapshot of all you need to know across our hotels, lodges, jungle discoveries and island escapes. Please save the environment and do not print.

São Tomé and Príncipe

Príncipe is an adventure. A tiny island topped by a canopy of green broken by spires of primordial rock, join us to discover this magnificent lost world, offering fantastic beaches, jungle exploration, snorkelling, fishing and birdwatching.

As the smaller, northern major island of the country of São Tomé and Príncipe lying off the west coast of Africa in the Gulf of Guinea, Príncipe has an area of 136 square kilometres (53 sq mi) and a population of approximately 7,000. The island is a heavily eroded volcano speculated to be over three million years old. Here you will discover a place that time forgot and where you feel you have stepped off the edge of the world. It is distinctively West African with a very strong Portuguese influence and this gives it a rhythm of its own which sets it apart from any experiences in East and Southern African.


Legendary Serengeti Camp

Explore a rich landscape of inky blue skies, burnt orange sunsets and the soft neutrals of the African savannah. Within the largest of Tanzania’s national parks is a promise of luxury with premier accommodations and superb service that are Legendary Serengeti Camps

Legendary Serengeti Camps have two identical mobile camps, each with 8 en-suite tents and a family tent (2 en-suite rooms and a shared lounge). Each of the camps is pitched as a split camp whereby one side of the camp will have 6 tents and the other side 2 tents and the family tent. Each half of the camp faces in a different direction and is fully contained with its own lounge and dining facility, using natural habitat to ensure maximum privacy and each camp. The smaller side with 2 tents and the family tent has the option to become a ‘Private Camp’. Every booking is allocated a private safari vehicle for game drives and seated at separate dining tables for mealtimes.

The mobile camps are closed from 1 April until 15 May and 16 to 30 November. These are the planned dates for camp mobilisation and are subject to change. The camp follows the migratory route of the wildebeest. Should the herds move earlier or later than expected, the camps may be mobilised accordingly. Please enquire with specific dates to check the expected location of the camp.

CAMP 1: (SOUTH) moves between the southern migration, Maswa, to the northern migration, Lamai.  Access: South - Mwiba/Makao Airstrips | North - Lamai Airstrip

CAMP 2: (WEST) moves between the western corridor, Nyasirori, to the northern migration, Wogakuria.  Access: West - Kirawira Airstrip | North - Kogatende Airstrip