HONEYMOONS: 3 x extra value for newlyweds
17 June 2019

Perfect honeymoon trio

Recently I noticed we have been so focussed on family safaris, single travel, group expeditions, sustainable experiences and more that we quite simply have not showcased some of our exceptional HONEYMOON offers. And since we had sort of overlooked this, we encouraged the below 3 Classics members to add 'extra' value for newlyweds in today's Monday Minute.

Offers are independent of one another but combine together for exceptional value and a brilliant itinerary.

It is as easy as 1,2,3
Craft an unforgettable 10-night honeymoon itinerary:
- WINELANDS: 3 nights at La Cle des Montagnes
- SAFARI: 2 nights at Tanda Tula (I really do suggest 4 nights here)
- BEACH: 5 nights at Azura Benguerra or Azura Quilalea

per couple for 10 nights
Includes accommodation, Star Bed at Tanda Tula, heli transfer to Azura Benguerra.
Excludes internal transfers and international flights.
SAVING FROM: US$ 2 775 per couple.
Contracted commissions apply. All 3 Honeymoon Offers below are valid for 2019 and 2020.

Fabulous value at the intimate and romantic LA CLÉ DES MONTAGNES in all room types with STAY 3 PAY 2, plus a bottle of bubbly and romantic turndown.

Save from R 4 100 (±US$ 280) for a room or R 15 655 (±US$ 1 060) for a villa.
Great Kruger National Park

Stay 2 nights or more, 50% less for one spouse at TANDA TULA SAFARI CAMP (or TANDA TULA RISHILÉ CAMPwhen it opens in May 2020), includes romantic private dinner.

Save from R 11 250 (±US$ 760) for 2 nights. This new offer was introduced for 2019 and extended to 2020.
Benguerra & Quilalea Islands

Stay 5 nights or more, 50% less for one spouse at either AZURA BENGUERRA or AZURA QUILALEA.

From 2020, the discount extends to activities, spa treatments and champagne!

Save from US$ 1 737.50 for 5 nights.

VAST Journeys of the Soul

We are delighted to launch VAST Journeys of the Soul, our beautiful photographic coffee table book celebrating 25 years of Classic Portfolio and honouring the visionary owners of our exceptional hotels, lodges and camps. The books have been distributed across 9 Africa countries, 16 sustainable experiences and over 330 rooms.
Thank you to the Classic Portfolio members, my team, photographer Scott Ramsay @love_wild_africa and graphic designer Jason Forbes @gbr_agency for making this possible.

The books are being sold for US$50, plus packing and postage.
We have distribution from Cape Town, Denver, London and Buenos Aires. They are perfect as gifts for your clients.
PLEASE NOTE all travel interest generated from the book is passed back to our preferred trade partners.

2020 RATES

All 2020 rates have been completed. Download them here for your convenience, or head to our AGENTS AREA for more images, documents and videos.

Thank you for your continued support.
Warmest regards

Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa


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1500km east of mainland East Africa lies an archipelago of 115 islands collectively known as Seychelles. The outer islands, with a land area of 220 km2 make up almost half of the land area of Seychelles and 2% of its population. These outer islands comprise 9 important bird areas, the largest population of giant tortoises, nesting grounds for turtles, over 180 bird species, 320 species of coral, over 1000 fish species, spinner dolphins, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, melon-headed whales and even the elusive dugong.

Within the outer islands is the Alphonse Group, the coral islands of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier, about 1 hour's flight and 250km from Mahé. Just over 1000 km southwest of Mahé you find the Aldabra Group, including Cosmoledo and Astove Atolls. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. There may be coral islands or cays on the rim. The coral of the atoll often sits atop the rim of an extinct seamount or volcano which has eroded or subsided partially beneath the water. The lagoon forms over the volcanic crater or caldera while the higher rim remains above water or at shallow depths that permit the coral to grow and form the reefs.

It is amidst this vast oceanic playground that you will find Blue Safari Seychelles.


Ingwe Pan

Located in a private concession of Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 8 tents of Ingwe Pan are tucked into the woodland on the fringes of a large secluded pan. Throughout the season, the pan attracts animals large and small, making for exceptional game viewing straight from camp and in the surrounding areas. Ingwe Pan is a 30-minute drive from the famed Mana floodplain and the Zambezi River, and the terrain is a beautiful mix of baobab groves, mopane and riverine forest.