Kenya to Cape: Classic combinations

07 June 2018

KENYA-CAPE CONNECTION: With the new direct flight to Cape Town being launched yesterday, we would like to remind you of our brilliant combination offers for you to maximise on this fantastic link.
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Depart Nairobi 15:35 → arrive Cape Town 20:20
Depart Cape Town 22:15 → arrive Nairobi 05:00 (next morning)
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Old Mondoro

About an hour east downstream by boat from sister camp Chiawa, Old Mondoro is located in the wonderfully open area of Faidherbia Forest. The camp is a far simpler affair that Chiawa yet the guiding levels, activity choice, service and excellent home-cooking remain are par. The comfortable rooms are strung out along a hippo-friendly channel off the Zambezi, enjoying great views with their half-height walls and small decks. Activities at Old Mondoro focus on game drives and boating, though the elephant and hippo activity around camp are enough to encourage a lodge-based safari! Tasty meals are served fireside or in the open-sided thatched dining room, and star-gazing in this remote spot makes a perfect pastime...


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