LAUNCHING: A secluded island and the Galapagos of Africa

23 November 2017

ATLANTIC OCEAN ... a hidden treasure and the Galapagos of Africa: I am not sure what drew me to consider a request to represent a new tourism development on Príncipe island. Partially the fact that I had to google the location, together with the name of the investment company funding the development: HBD (Here Be Dragons) - how cool is that? But finally visiting this volcanic wonderland was my certainty to include SUNDY PRÍNCIPE as a new Classics member.

SUNDY PRÍNCIPE embodies everything we stand for - Private, Unique, Committed and very Brave. This is not a commercial venture but rather a project of true passion.
Príncipe Island, with its sheer volcanic peaks rising out of the ocean, densely forested vegetation, secluded bays and beaches together with a high density of endemic species, make this a planet in miniature that is often referred to as the 'Galapagos of Africa'. It is the smaller of the two islands making up the country of SÃO TOMÉ AND PRÍNCIPE
I am Príncipe video

Sundy Príncipe comprises two experiences:
Opening 21st December 2017. We are honoured to launch PRAIA SUNDY; the flagship tourism experience on Príncipe, a stunning tented villa lodge surrounded by tropical forest on a secluded beach. Here you discover an intimate experience with nature, on the very edge of the ocean, surrounded by tropical rainforest. 

However the essence of Príncipe can be discovered at ROÇA SUNDY. Roça - the farm - is the celebration of the life, people and history of Príncipe. It is the perfect location from which to explore the island and the UNESCO declared Biosphere Reserve on Príncipe where you climb volcanic mountains and discover rare and endemic bird, wildlife and plant species.
Praia Sundy Roça Sundy

We look forward to being of assistance to you. Together we can ensure the long-term sustainability of Príncipe and the supporting tourism experiences. 
Sustainable Africa Happy selling!

PS: The CRIB SHEET and FLIGHT ACCESS map and times documents change regularly.  Be sure to always get the latest versions.

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