[MARATABA CONSERVATION CAMPS] Launching a conscious safari model for the future
25 May 2020

Join us as we go A.P.E for conservation

Active. Participative. Environmental

During these crazy times, we have been truly honoured to be part of the team creating a forward-thinking, conscious safari and launching two new camps within Marataba Contractual National Park.

Marataba is a ground-breaking conservation model that paves the way for public-private collaboration to achieve conservation at scale, and at the soon to launch MARATABA CONSERVATION CAMPS, future guests will have a back-stage pass to dynamic, yet fun and innovative conservation through active participation.
Yes, it is time to go A.P.E on safari.

The planning of this concept started last year (well before COVID-19), where together with the Marataba Conservation team and international philanthropist owners of this land, we developed the 3-day safari concept that meets the needs of the future luxury: time to be, time to make a difference, time to gain a new perspective.
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ACTIVE: Time to be

active [noun] engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.

Marataba Conservation Camps operate with a minimum 3-night stay and each booking is allocated a private vehicle and guide to offer flexibility around conservation participation. Guests can immerse themselves in the solitude of the vast, wild spaces of Marataba while also actively participating in essential conservation projects.
  • FOUNDERS CAMP — 4 suites + 1 guide and vehicle, exclusive for up to 8 adults.
    Rates from R 8,250 to R 12,125 pps (min 4 guests and min 6 in high season).
  • EXPLORERS CAMP — 6 canvas tents + 2 guides and vehicles, semi-exclusive.
    Rates from R 5,360 to R 7,880 pps (min 4 guests, and min 6 in high season).
Rates have been set to be inclusive, making it possible for as many families and friends to immerse in a conscious safari. While the camps will have all the luxuries and amenities, instead of a high bednight rate, we have opted to increase the per person per day Conservation & Community Levy (see below under Environmental).
** Opening 1 September 2020 **

PARTICIPATIVE: Time to make a difference

participative [noun] relating to or involving taking part or sharing in something.

Dynamic and fun, yet responsible and sustainable, the conservation experiences are entirely tailored to you with a private guide and vehicle to ensure the utmost flexibility.
  • ACTIVITIES — day & night game drives | boating | wild walking | family-friendly nature walks | tracking, monitoring & compiling ID kits of key species | camera trap setup | transect walks | game census logging | Park Control Centre technology | tree planting & land rehabilitation | rare species monitoring and identification | Marataba Research and Rewilding Centre.
  • SPECIAL EXPERIENCES — wildlife intervention is undertaken for conservation purposes only; animal welfare is of primary concern. Funds raised are used to finance the operation and species-specific conservation objectives. Only available to guests staying at Marataba Conservation Camps. Pre-book:
    • 3-DAY RHINO CONSERVATION SAFARI — experience the full story of rhino conservation from planning to notching to follow-up monitoring (year-round as required).
    • CONSERVATION EVENTS — large-scale megafauna notching, collaring and/or relocations (details to be announced as the conservation needs arise).
    • FULL MOON CENSUS COUNT — a wildlife count including night-time monitoring, census logging, monitoring and identification of white and black rhino, as well as other nocturnal species (every full moon).
  • ANNUAL EVENTS — Marataba Conservation are excited about the launch of annual events, which will be available to guests staying at both Marataba Conservation Camps and Marataba Luxury Lodges:
    • RHINO CONSERVATION WEEK — an intensive rhino conservation week of 2 x 3-night stays during which all Marataba guests take part in rhino monitoring, DNA collection and multiple notchings (21 - 23 & 24 - 26 September 2020).


ENVIRONMENTAL: Time to gain a new perspective

environmental [noun] relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.

Understanding our travel impact is going to be even more important when we get back to taking flight in the pursuit of our next holiday. More conscious decision making and impactful experiences are going to be essential for sustainable travel. In partnership with SANParks, the country’s highest conservation authority, Marataba secures the future of this unique eco-system, preserving it for generations to come. A visit to Marataba is a contribution to tomorrow.
  • CONSERVATION & COMMUNITY LEVY — R 750 pp/day (children 2-15 pay 50%). This levy is directly allocated, without admin deductions, to conservation of the area.
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Relationship with MORE Family Collection

Since 2013, Marataba has enjoyed a successful tourism partnership with MORE Family Collection who manage Marataba Safari Lodge and Marataba Mountain Lodge. As the primary tourism operator in the area, MORE has played an invaluable role in successfully creating a sustainable model and raising awareness of Marataba as a safari destination.

Marataba Luxury Lodges, comprising Safari Lodge (15 Tented Suites, 4 of which are Family Suites) and Mountain Lodge (5 Eco Suites), will become the collective name for the lodges under the management of MORE Family Collection.

Marataba Conservation Camps, two new exclusive-use camps opening in September are managed by Marataba Conservation.

Together, MORE Family Collection and Marataba Conservation are committed to building awareness of Marataba as a destination, leading conservation model and exceptional safari experience.

We remain positive about the future of safaris in Africa and thank you for your ongoing support of Classic Portfolio.

Warmest regards
Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
Classic Portfolio
Sustainable Africa

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