[SOUTH AFRICA] Successful launch of Marataba Conservation Camps
14 September 2020


Launching a unique conservation-based safari

[SOUTH AFRICA] Today we have the first paying guests arriving at the newly opened M ARATABA CONSERVATION CAMPS. From hands-on wildlife management and ecological conservation to exploring the wilderness on foot and engaging with technology based protection solutions, this groundbreaking conservation-focused safari experience truly meets the need to travel with a purpose.

In a post COVID-19 world, the way people travel will be changed forever and this reimagining of the traditional safari experience offers guests the opportunity to learn and engage through active participation and play their part in the future of conservation.

Both Founders Camp and Explorers Camp are located in Marataba Contractual National Park, a privately managed section of the Marakele National Park. Please be assured that while the focus is on conservation and stepping out of the traditional safari routine, the rates offer exceptional value as both camps are beautifully appointed with every comfort a guest requires.



Every booking has a private conservation guide and vehicle

To encourage a full tailor-made stay, Founders Camp (4 tented suites) can be booked on an exclusive-use basis and Explorers Camp (5 tents and a family tent) on a semi-exclusive basis. Every booking is allocated a private conservation guide and vehicle, allowing for maximum flexibility, and experiences can be chosen on a ‘mix and match’ basis. This gives guests the rare freedom to delve into what they are passionate about and experience a holistic journey through the area.

Founders Camp:
Base rate for up to 4 guests from R 33,000 (US$ 1,978)
R 8,250 (US$ 495) for every additional person (max 8)

Explorers Camp:
Base rate for up to 4 guests from R 21,440 (US$ 1,284)
R 5,360 (US$ 320) for every additional person (max 8)

Both camps accept children of all ages, and under 16 years pay 50%
Adults pay a daily Conservation Fee of R750 (US$45), 50% for kids under 16



Get involved in one of South Africa’s most innovative conservation models at Marataba

The main focus at Marataba Conservation Camps is for guests to have fun while getting involved in the daily conservation activities in the park. Wildlife monitoring and management is a core function of the team and ensure an in-depth look and feel of what modern-day conservation is all about, from management of wildlife numbers to ecological functions.

At no additional cost, guests may participate in:
  • telemetry tracking walks with cheetah and rhino
  • compilation of individual identikits for elephants
  • elephant impact assessments
  • transect walks for vegetation mapping and planting
  • snare patrols
  • game captures and census counts
At an additional cost:
  • contribute and set up new artificial intelligence camera traps: R10 000 (US$ 600) per camera trap
  • rhino conservation safari over 3 days: R 52 000 (US$ 3 000) per group: includes intervention with darting, notching and DNA collection


Your safari at your pace

The dramatic backdrop of the Waterberg Massif defines the landscape, creating deep gorges and waterways that contrast with wide open plains. In addition to conservation experiences, guests are encouraged to explore the incredible landscape on both day and night game drives and boat trips.

Wild walks with a conservation guide are also available and guests navigate the epic mountains and dramatic gorges on foot, ending with a swim in a mountain pool and a picnic lunch. Activities have been allocated a fitness level (level 1 to level 5) as a guide for participation.

And finally, don't forget our TUESDAY TALK tomorrow, with a focus on new developments taking place across our camps and lodges in Kenya and Tanzania. Details below, please REGISTER to attend.

Warmest regards
Suzanne Bayly-Coupe
OWNER, Classic Portfolio

: Kenya & Tanzania

Plans for the FUTURE. What is NEW. CONSCIOUS journeys.

DATE: Tuesday, 15th September

TIME: 4:30 pm (South Africa time zone)

I will be speaking to an expert panel representing The Safari Collection - Jessica Pattison, Legendary Expeditions - Sean Clark, Chem Chem Safaris - Fabia Bausch, and our guest Rose Hipwood from UK based African Rose who has just returned from a trip to East Africa. We will zone in on the different regions and experiences, creating a phenomenal East Africa journey along the way and get first hand feedback from a traveller.


1500km east of mainland East Africa lies an archipelago of 115 islands collectively known as Seychelles. The outer islands, with a land area of 220 km2 make up almost half of the land area of Seychelles and 2% of its population. These outer islands comprise 9 important bird areas, the largest population of giant tortoises, nesting grounds for turtles, over 180 bird species, 320 species of coral, over 1000 fish species, spinner dolphins, humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, melon-headed whales and even the elusive dugong.

Within the outer islands is the Alphonse Group, the coral islands of Alphonse, St Francois and Bijoutier, about 1 hour's flight and 250km from Mahé. Just over 1000 km southwest of Mahé you find the Aldabra Group, including Cosmoledo and Astove Atolls. An atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef including a coral rim that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. There may be coral islands or cays on the rim. The coral of the atoll often sits atop the rim of an extinct seamount or volcano which has eroded or subsided partially beneath the water. The lagoon forms over the volcanic crater or caldera while the higher rim remains above water or at shallow depths that permit the coral to grow and form the reefs.

It is amidst this vast oceanic playground that you will find Blue Safari Seychelles.


Chem Chem Lodge

With 20 000 hectares (55 000 acres) of untainted African bush, the Chem Chem - Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA) protects an invaluable migration corridor between the ancient landscape of Tarangire National Park and the tranquil waters of Lake Manyara National Park. It is the perfect place to connect with the rolling wilderness around you and to immerse yourself in an authentic Tanzanian wilderness experience. The concept of a Slow Safari was born at Chem Chem.  Key is the ethos of a safari as a tangible, sensual experience beyond the confines of a vehicle, where on foot guests can see, feel, touch and smell the African bush for themselves.

The eight beautifully stylish and secluded tented suites have been designed to reflect the ethos of the camp, evoking the spirit of vintage safari. With each tented suite situated at least 80 metres apart from each other, you are ensured total privacy each with a stunning lake view. A pool is hidden beneath the trees to cool off from the midday sun, and the Chem Chem Spa offers the ultimate in relaxation. 

Chem Chem Lodge is the ultimate setting from which to explore on foot, slow down and indulge in a sensual African safari.