[CONSCIOUS JOURNEY] Tanzania: the Dream, the Reality, the Journey
11 March 2021

The DREAM: Travelling in Tanzania right now

Looking at this image I am transported to the edge of the African Rift valley. To a place where I am free, where I smell the grass and hear lions roar. Where I can sleep under the stars and have a moment of pure freedom in the here and now.

While many of us DREAM about our next trip to Africa, we urge you to read on and learn about the REALITY of travel in Tanzania right now. We also share invaluable first-hand insights and feedback from our team member Lauren Gerber, who returned from hosting an agent-ed to Tanzania last week.

Finally, after the great response to CONSCIOUS JOURNEY: KENYA we are delighted to share our second CONSCIOUS JOURNEY celebrating the connected adventure between Legendary Expeditions and Chem Chem Safaris in Tanzania.

The REALITY: Managing COVID on the ground

Aside from the mind, soul, and body rejuvenation that a Tanzanian safari brings, Lauren's recent trip also gave us valuable insight as to how COVID processes are actually being carried out on the ground:

  1. Worldwide recognized protocols of mask wearing, temperature screening, social distancing, and santization stations are prevalent and adhered to at the major airports in Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro, as well as the airport in Arusha.
  2. Temperature screening is done at the entrance to all lodges with LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS and CHEM CHEM SAFARIS.
  3. All staff members wear masks at all times. The guests have the decision to keep theirs on as well, or to remove it, depending on what they feel comfortable doing.
  4. Mount Meru Hospital has recently been certified by the government as a laboratory center for processing PCR tests, so they no longer all have to be sent down to Dar. This reduces the turnaround time for results to a 24-48 hour process.
  5. With private vehicles being including in each booking across both companies, your guests won't have to worry about sharing a vehicle or a dining setup with anyone outside of their immediate travel group.

Meet Dora, your new COVID Concierge

With the creative title of Covid Concierge, Dora assists with the COVID testing process pre-departure from Tanzania for bookings made via the LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS DMC service. Based at Legendary Lodge she manages the when to test, where to test, and how, so your guests don't have to worry about this on their safari.

If you'd like more information about the protocols on the ground or anything else related to travelling in Tanzania right now, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The JOURNEY: A Connected Adventure through Tanzania

Save 25% : When booking 7 nights in HIGH Season and 10 nights in PEAK season

Our second Conscious Journey takes you to Tanzania on a 7 or 10 night trip with LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS and CHEM CHEM SAFARIS. The natural combination of these lodges provides a seamless and private itinerary showcasing a dream northern Tanzania circuit. But more than this, taking part in this itinerary directly contributes to The Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) and their pursuit to conserve the wildlife, wilderness, and local stakeholders within their protected areas; as well as the Chem Chem Association who educate the local communities of the mutually beneficial reasons for protecting the area’s natural heritage and wildlife.

7 Night Journey starting from US$ 8 141 per person sharing
(inclusive of US$ 964 pp conservation fees)
Excludes international flights
Valid 1 September - 19 December 2021

10 Night Journey starting from US$ 10 367 per person sharing
(inclusive of US$ 1 326 pp conservation fees)
Excludes international flights
Valid 15 June - 19 December 2021

I would like to thank all our trade partners for the business we are receiving. The trend is certainly more for the latter half of this year and into 2022. However, we have no doubt that tourism will rebound and when it does we sincerely hope to see a more conscious choice of who to partner with.

Warmest regards

Suzanne Bayly-Coupe

OWNER, Classic Portfolio


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