WHAT'S NEW: Hot & happening in 2019
28 November 2018


In our drive to offer the most visionary and authentic experiences that are sustainable and trusted, we are delighted to share a glimpse of what 2019 has in store across our Portfolio.
So welcome to a mid-week-edition of the Monday Minute... a mammoth update, but we'll keep it brief.

NEW FOR 2019


The ultimate Eco Camp has just opened on the most remote and wild island of Cosmoledo. Here, BLUE SAFARI SEYCHELLES has taken on the most ambitious eco-tourism project ever on one of the remotest outer atolls of Seychelles.

Combined with Alphonse Island and Astove for the ultimate big blue safari. Logistics can be a challenge so we are working on a schedule of availability. Watch this space.


Hot off the press - more reason to linger longer at GIRAFFE MANOR as The Safari Collection are building a swimming pool, spa, gym and day room, aiming to be completed by mid-2019.


The hottest combo of the 2019 season - between REMOTE AFRICA SAFARIS and the newly refurbished SHOEBILL ISLAND CAMP in the Bangweulu Swamps - fits in with our ethos of authentic, remote safaris in pristine locations.

We also love the camp out at Mwaleshi Camp. This is a truly soul-enriching experience and limited to a maximum of 6 guests for FIT bookings. 4 Chalets provide for some singles, and there is no supplement.


One of our favourite things at GIBB'S FARM is to relax on the lawn with a drink (especially from their choice G&T menu) in hand, overlooking the fields of coffee plantations and rolling hills below you. From early next year you will be able to do this by the newly-built pool! Located in a prime position that once used to be farmyard, the pool adds to the sanctuary for the senses at Gibb's.



Following on from our launch of SUNDY PRAIA, off the coast of Gabon, we are now seeing Principe island used as the perfect post-safari beach break en-route back to Europe and the USA.

Combine with South Africa with 3 x weekly flights on TAAG between JHB or CPT and São Tomé.

Combine with Republic of the Congo using the Monday-departure from Odzala and taking the Tuesday ASKY Airlines flight from Brazzaville to Accra (via Lome). Connecting with the daily TAP Lisbon-São Tomé flight in Accra.


Effective from January 2019, CONGO CONSERVATION COMPANY, who has pioneered tourism in the Congo Basin, expands beyond Odzala Discovery Camps to partner with Sangha Lodgeadjoining CAR's Dzanga-Sangha National Park.
CONGO BASIN DISCOVERY - 11 nights: the full monty - combine the 7-night ODZALA DISCOVERY with 4 nights at Sangha Lodge for the best of both worlds. US$ 14 040 per person sharing.


TANZANIA, SERENGETI: LEGENDARY EXPEDITIONS has many changes in the pipeline with a focus on their tented experiences in their Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camps and at Mwiba Tented Camp.

SOUTH AFRICA, EASTERN CAPE: KWANDWE PRIVATE GAME RESERVE will be launching exciting new wilderness walking adventures from the middle of next year.

SOUTH AFRICA, GREATER KRUGER: TANDA TULA has secured a new location for another camp - focus remains on authentic tented, but this one will also be family orientated! Planning for opening late 2019.


Do not forget the much-awaited DELAIRE GRAFF LODGES & SPA's new Lodges & Villa open 21st December this year.

Happy selling!

Sustainable Africa


Your perfect itinerary planning tool is our online portal showing availability across Classic Portfolio. Click on the country and start building unforgetable journeys.


WHAT WE LOVE: Besides the fact that most of our team are beach fanatics and keen scuba divers, we love the fact that Mozambique is still rather undiscovered. Our Portfolio includes two amazing beach escapes: the Bazaruto Archipelago and the northern Quirimbas Archipelago. Visitors who combine a safari with the more commercial beaches of Mauritius have no idea on how much they are missing out. Mozambique is renowned for its relaxed, tropical atmosphere and exceptionally friendly people, but by far its biggest draw cards are its expansive beaches, secluded islands and spectacular marine life. With a history of limited coastal development combined with beautiful beaches and amazing numbers of whale sharks, manta rays, dolphins, turtles, coral fish and reefs. The setting for this experience is hard to beat.


Blue Safari Seychelles

Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean in one of the last, untouched frontiers, Blue Safari Seychelles pioneers a new style of experiential travel while actively conserving this pristine region. Of the 72 islands and atolls that form the remote outer islands, they have selected the most pristine and enchanting four as their base. From here you can discover, experience and protect the surrounding natural wonders.

An hour's flight from the main island, Alphonse Island is the headquarters of Blue Safari Seychelles. With 22 Beach Bungalows, 5 Beach Suites and 2 4-bedroom Beach Villas, and welcoming children of all ages, this is family paradise. Enjoy a private family channel snorkel or plant a tree, giving it your family name. Visit the uninhabited islands of Bijoutier and St Francois, explore Alphonse Island by bicycle, or enjoy a secluded picnic on the beach. 

Hop on the plane southwestward and a 2-hour flight later you are on Astove Atoll. Stay in the 6-bedroom Coral House from where incredible snorkelling experiences await. The “Wall” is a breathtakingly beautiful sheer drop and is best described as looking down into an underwater Grand Canyon. It consists of the flat and reef dropping a vertical 90 degrees from ankle-deep water to more than 1000 metres over a short distance. The “Wall” is known as one of the best snorkelling and dive sites on this planet. The terrain varies from hostile shore breaks on the windward side, to flat calm coral flats on the outside and snow-white sand flats inside the lagoon. Its unique lagoon system is home to countless aquatic seabirds as well as the Caspian turn, dimorphic egret and red-tailed tropic bird along with a population of over 150 giant Aldabra tortoises.

Just over 1000 km southwest of Mahé lies Cosmoledo Atoll, an hour by boat from Astove (and the only way to access it). Cosmoledo comprises a larger white sand lagoon surrounded by vast sand flats dotted with over 20 islands, islets, and cays of various shapes and sizes. The remote location makes Cosmoledo a place of wild natural splendor. Habitats include sand dunes, expansive flats, mangroves, grassland and a dramatically fluctuating lagoon. This unique combination creates a hotspot of biodiversity. The atoll with its scattered islands is home to large populations of endemic birds like boobies, terns, and frigate birds. The lagoon and its sandy beaches are favoured by large populations of hawksbill and green turtles for nesting and a host of feisty fish species on the flats. Here, on Wizard Island (or Grande Isle) is a single Eco Camp where nature meets creative, eco-friendly hospitality. The Camp consists of eight double/twin en-suite Eco Pods with a central communal dining and entertainment area - large tent with bare sand floors.