09 April 2015

KENYA: The heart of the African Safari! Here the foundations were laid for what is today the African Safari dream. In light of recent events, we have felt it important to announce our firm support of Kenya and the experience it offers. We admire Kenyans for their tenacity and determination and we are fully behind all efforts to spread the POSITIVE word of this great safari destination.

Please show your support for Kenya as a destination. Take a look at our I LOVE KENYA suggested itinerary for a brilliant trip!

  • ANGAMA MARA - The latest multi-million dollar investment into Kenya, offering guests the ability to picnic in the romantic spot where some of the loveliest scenes from the film "Out of Africa" were shot, Angama Mara's sustainability princicples lie in "doing good by doing well" as coined by Ben Franklin.
  • GIRAFFE MANOR - The world's most iconic hotel is not only situated in Africa, but right in Kenya's capital! Committed to the conservation of the endangered Rothschild giraffe.
  • SOLIO LODGE - Renowned for its conservation efforts, Solio Game Conservancy is internationally recognized as the most successful private rhinoceros breeding program in Kenya.
  • SASAAB - Having been gold rated by Eco Tourism Kenya, Sasaab is committed to making a difference in the lives of over 600 local families.
  • SALA'S - Traditional tented camp in the Maasai Mara that has just recently been awarded the prestigious silver certification in Kenya's eco rating scheme (the highest rating for a first-time applicant).

We find it crucial to look beyond what the media says and see the value of the country as a whole. Read the former US Ambassador to Kenya's piece in Time Magazine.

Happy Selling!

Mwaleshi Camp

One of ONLY two camps in the North Luangwa National Park. Set on a scenic bend of the Mwaleshi River, this camp is a truly special place - unlike any other in Zambia. With just four thatched chalets built entirely of natural materials, en suite bathrooms open to the stars and uninterrupted views of the river, Mwaleshi offers you a genuine feeling of solitude and seclusion. Located in an area of pristine wilderness where there are few roads, game viewing is excellent! Buffaloes and lions roam in vast numbers whilst life in camp is comfortable yet refreshingly simple...