South Africa VAT update


SOUTH AFRICA: We cannot see into the future with any certainty, but we can deal with our present, which is certainly looking bright. In our recent budget speech, a 1% increase in VAT has been announced effective from 1 April 2018. All Classic clients in South Africa have agreed to absorb this increase in their current published rates.
With our fluctuating currency, we still believe that South Africa offers exceptional value and even at 15%, South Africa's VAT remains lower than the rest of the continent.

  • 2018 RATES - Starting at R10 725 per person sharing per night (± US$ 900).
  • FIELD CAMP — your camp, your safari, your experience. Now 4-years old, the experience continues to inspire visitors with a completely tailor-made safari.
  • STAR BED — a private experience for 2, sleep beneath a ceiling stars at SAFARI CAMP (only R2145/night for 2 guests in 2018).
  • 2018 RATES - Starting at R8 690 per person sharing per night (± US$ 730).
  • VILLAS & PRIVATE GUIDES — every stay at one of the 3 private KWANDWE villas (with 3 - 4 bedrooms) includes a private guide for a completely personalised stay. 
  • WINELANDS COMBO — make use of the BRIDGE THE G.A.P. package with the water-wise villas at La Clé for a free day of Cape-based adventures valued at over R10 000. 
  • 2018 RATES - Starting at R5 750 per room per night (± US$ 483).
  • LA CLÉ COUNTRY LODGE — Opened 15 Jan 2018 on a per-room and exclusive-use basis with exceptional dining opportunities, a must-stay!
  • CHEF'S TABLE — now open to VILLA and lodge guests, join Mel & Scott Shepherd for communal dinners at the Lodge every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (per person cost).
  • 2018 RATES - Starting at R14 550 per lodge per night (± US$ 1 222).
  • BUILDING — a new 4-bedroom villa is underway at DELAIRE GRAFF and the 6 additional Luxury Lodges are due to open later this year (booking and opening dates TBC).
  • AFRICA NOVA — a fourth boutique has recently opened its doors mixing contemporary design with superb tribal elements. Find an inspired piece from Africa to enhance your home. 
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And as for the water crisis, Day Zero has not arrived and we are at the start of our rainy season, showing how everyone working together makes a big difference!
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Chiawa Camp

Located in the heart of the Lower Zambezi National Park, only steps away from the banks of the Zambezi River, in one of the most game-rich areas of Zambia, Chiawa Camp, is comprised of nine luxurious "tents". Founded and run by The Cumings Family who have vast experience in guiding, conservation and the safari industry, guests are assured of the highest standards in all aspects of their safari at Chiawa Camp. What's even better ... with very little human presence in the area, game is plentiful and numerous elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and other species are literally on the camp's doorstep!..


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