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Dense, complex and remote, the 4-million km2 Congo Basin is perhaps the continent’s least explored wilderness. Congo Conservation Company has combined two pivotal areas in this magnificent sphere – the 13 000 km2 Odzala-Kokoua National Park in the north west of the Republic of the Congo, and the 7 500 km2 Sangha Trinational, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a collaborative protected area from the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Central African Republic. Within the Sangha Trinational is Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve.

Both Odzala and Sangha are part of the tropical rainforest ecosystem with rich fauna and flora, including the critically endangered western lowland gorilla, forest elephant, forest buffalo, and bongo to name but a few. The ethos is to protect and conserve the land and its inhabitants, making it commercially viable through low-impact tourism.

Classic Factors:

  • Research: Pioneering research of the western lowland gorilla and pangolin.
  • Conservation: Preserving a vulnerable rainforest, the "lungs" of our planet.
  • Adventure: With minimal impact: gorilla tracking, forest walks, river activities, hunt with the Ba'Aka.
  • Unique: Discover rare forest animals, birds, giant trees, waterfalls and more in a pure wilderness.


Availability to Odzala Discovery Camps and Sangha Lodge is based on access.

Access to Odzala-Kokoua National Park is via a scheduled charter flight between Brazzaville and Mboko airstrip on Mondays and Thursdays weekly.
Access to Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve is via a scheduled charter flight between Mboko and Kabo airstrips, and a boat transfer between Kabo and Sangha Lodge on Sundays and Wednesdays weekly.

We have compiled 4-night, 7-night, 10-night and 11-night Discoveries that tie in perfectly with these charters.