Tanda Tula

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

South Africa

Tanda Tula Safari Camp
Tanda Tula Field Camp
Tanda Tula Nkarhi Homestead

Regarded as the best tented safari camp in South Africa, Tanda Tula has canvas at the heart of the experience. Here tented safari camps honour the essence of being connected to the wilderness. At Safari Camp the sounds of the night filter into your luxury tented room and at Field Camp you are fully immersed with a camp that moves to ensure the lowest impact on the environment. A safari with Tanda Tula is led by the finest guides and amazing trackers with daily night and day game drives, walking safaris and sleeping out in the Star Bed.

Classic Factors:

  • Celebrate: with Tanda Tula's people - the heart & soul of the experience.
  • Explore: the magic of the Greater Kruger away from the crowds.
  • Inspire: a well-designed canvas safari to stir the sense of adventure.
  • Connect: through walking, riverbed picnics, star bed & exceptional guiding.