Reignite local travel - Part 9



#roadtripsouthafrica Part 9 of our 3-month adventure celebrating South Africa.

EXPERIENCE: thank you to Don Scott and Nina Wolfs Scott for the most amazing weekend at Tanda Tula.

From power walking into mating lions, a wild dog-kill and cackling hyena, to Sofa Safari guest appearance and so much more, it was brilliant to be back in the bush.

KEY LEARNING: Local travel, even if only intra-provincial at this stage, is opening and it was so comforting to see how a camp can be transformed with COVID-19 procedures without negatively impacting the guest experience and camp atmosphere. Seriously well done to the Tanda Tula team for their painstaking attention in creating this balance.

Please note: we have exceptional Reignite Travel rates at our camps and lodges. Reach out to me if you can travel locally in South Africa.

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