Roadtrip South Africa - Part 5



#roadtripsouthafrica Part 5 of our 3-month adventure celebrating South Africa (I am writing this a week late as we are already ending Part 6).

ROUTE: from a friend's private wildlife ranch outside Colesberg we got onto the N1 and took the direct route to JHB. Went through 3 roadblocks, slowed down, mask on, waved happily and were waved through by the police. In fact, we have now been through Northern Cape, Free State, Gauteng and currently in Limpopo with no stops and permit checks.

EXPERIENCE: We had a super productive and fun week with family in JHB. Loved our time with John Bayly and Inga Bayly plus the cousins. From fort building (plus kids sleeping outside one night) and bread baking to frosty early morning walks, time together as a family was wonderful.

KEY LEARNING: as we have passed through the country it has been alarming to see how wealth inequality is growing. Small villages in the Karoo that were marginalized before this pandemic are in such a bad way, I honestly cannot see a future for so many people and how they are managing now is frightening - no money, freezing cold conditions, lack of access to any meaningful future.

Today I was on a webinar where our speaker said ‘we are NOT all in this together because our society is broken’ C-19 further exposes economic disparity. For anybody reading this post you have access to so much and please be aware of your privilege. When you make choices and decisions ensure they are in the best interest of all people and our fragile planet.

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