Roadtrip South Africa - Part 8


#roadtripsouthafrica Part 8 of our 3-month adventure celebrating South Africa.

ROUTE: from Marataba we went to stay on a farm outside Bela Bela before heading to Hoedspruit.

EXPERIENCE: As much as I would love to be on an adventure every day, every road trip needs an admin break! We have been catching up with life while staying with Don and Nina Wolfs Scott for the past 10 days.

Not forgotten: huge thanks to Christopher Renshaw for a brilliant weekend of walking and rock climbing in the Waterberg.

KEY LEARNING: Those who know me are well aware I am far from being a helicopter mother. So when my girls started Brainline, their new online school, I naively presumed kid + laptop + accesscode = DIY-online-school.

Well, I could not have been more off the mark. This has been a super big adjustment and when Nina suggested the help of a tutor I grabbed it with both hands.

For any parent who is considering home/online schooling and thinks it is going to be easy, brace yourself! Being a teacher is clearly not my calling and I cannot thank Natalie enough for stepping in to help the girls settle into their new school routine. So far we are super happy with Brainline and the girls have adjusted well. They complete their tasks at a good pace in 4 days and are able to have a 3-day weekend.

I am so grateful that we have this exceptional opportunity to get out and explore South Africa. I am also eternally grateful that we have ‘enough’! This trip is really reiterating many essential life lessons. I am glad we took the chance to get out and experience life through challenging our comfort zone by embracing a new form of education and saying yes to every wonderful opportunity as it unfolds.

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