Chem Chem Safaris

Tarangire & Lake Manyara


Chem Chem Lodge
Little Chem Chem
Forest Chem Chem

Chem Chem is a love story with a deep passion for the African bush. From this, the concept of slow safari was born, identifying the need to connect with the environment. With this connection comes responsibility. A symbiotic balance between wildlife conservation and the community is the foundation which underpins your truly soul-enriching safari. At the camps, you have some of the most remarkable gatherings of big bull elephants and an identification program. At the lodge there is the constant presence of grazing herds frequenting the water hole. Your safari at Chem Chem is a series of magical moments throughout the day, from hill-top sunrises to lake-side sunsets.

Classic Factors:

  • Philanthropy: Building a better future in Tanzania.
  • Chem Chem Lodge: Sensual and sophisticated.
  • Little Chem Chem: Intimate and grounded.
  • Forest Chem Chem: Exclusive and connected.