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Fabia Bausch and Nicolas Negre manage the Chem Chem - Burunge Wildlife Management Area (WMA), which is the embodiment of their deep passion for Africa and its natural heritage.


Walk through the wildlife management area's palm-forest approaching giraffes, get a feel for the local pace of life on a leisurely jog with a Maasai warrior along the shore of Lake Manyara, watch the sunset over Lake Manyara with sundowners in hand and relax in the Chem Chem Spa. Chem Chem Lodge is all about slowing down to fully experience Africa with all of your senses.


Chem Chem cares passionately about Tanzania's economic and social development and is proud to contribute to local community development efforts through the Chem Chem Association. The association's aim is to support and educate the surrounding communities to safeguard the area’s natural heritage, by supporting the state school infrastructure, offering courses for teachers and children.