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A perfect mix of hands-on activities, pioneering conservation projects and spectacular scenery, with a comfy bed to lay your head in at the end of the day!


Marataba Conservation Camps are privately-owned and managed by a group of philanthropists who are committed to conservation forever and have a dedicated shared vision – the proliferation of nature.


Guests at Marataba Conservation Camps are encouraged to get involved, apply their minds and actively contribute to the effort to conserve the natural area. Activities range from land rehabilitation and species identification to rhino notching and DNA collection, all of which are essential to the management of the ecosystem and the future of keystone species.


In partnership with South African National Parks, the country’s highest conservation authority, Marataba secures the future of this unique eco-system, preserving it for generations to come. The combined skills, knowledge and resources of the private sector and state favour the optimisation of biodiversity conservation.